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Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by Katharine and Harold Fisher, who were pioneers in the provision of support for those with anxiety. Today, Anxiety UK still retains its original, ‘user-led’ ethos - being run by and for those living with or affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.

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  1. maxwell 11 September 2010 Reply

    Suzanna I have had these symptoms for nearly 6 years (it is like my life is on hold) I went to the hospital two nights ago, I had an eco talked to a GP and I felt fine until I went to my recently acquired job (working nights) which thought had limited contact with people which always triggers a powerful attack. Now I feel like I need to quit but I need this job for so many reasons. There is no real support from the NHS when I go to my GP he just wants to Hypothesis me, he describes it almost as a game and started smiling at the possibility my participation. I have real concerns for this as a form of treatment as when I am in a state of annx confusion and misinterpretation is paramount. The NHS constantly lets me down and I too do not know where to go form here.

    • catoneill 13 September 2010 Reply

      Hi Maxwell,

      Its Cat here at Anxiety UK – just to say, we always try and advise people to stay in work if they can. I know how hard it can be (I have had anxiety myself), but leaving work gives you a lot more time to sit and think about how bad you feel. If there is anything we can do please let me know.


      • Stuart 20 March 2011 Reply

        Interesting you day that as my anxiety is triggered by work. The whole idea of working day in day out just makes me want to run for the mountains (and that’s on a good day). My doctor’s latest answer is to put me on antidepressants and that I need a job in Tesco. This is not a joke in any way, that was his advice. As a result, I am ‘on hold’, I have been for the last 10 years now. I cannot push forward and now without the support of a doctor I feel that there is literally no way out. I’ve had CBT – doesn;t really help when I’m being treated alongside people who are scared of getting on a bus. Getting on a bus you can practise slowly – going to work is something I HAVE to do to live and I have to do it on my own every day and be on top of my game when I’m there (I work part time now in 2 schools). I have also had counselling but only 6 sessions at a time which doesn’t do anything. So I really feel I have no way of living.

    • Naomi 8 March 2011 Reply

      i was relieved to read your symptoms.. My daughter died at 40 hours old a month ago from a rare disease. We knew prior to her birth but her chances were 70% at life. I suffered anxiety before but not this severe. This past week, have had headaches with blurred vision, fear of death, all sorts of aches and pains. I am so frightened all the time but at least I know I am not alone

  2. Jane 13 September 2010 Reply

    Hi Elizabeth, this is the first time I’ve looked at this website, I feel the need to reply to you though because you’ve described exactly how I feel, and how I would describe it word for word and I really feel for you.

    I think I’ve had excessive worrying for most of my life and it feels like it has taken a lot away from me. I can relate to you saying that you were a success as I was a high achiever in education, but haven’t progressed in my career as I think i feel I don’t deserve it because I feel guilty all the time – like I’ve done something wrong and I don’t know what. So I don’t know if our backgrounds have caused us to expect too much from ourselves.

    My most awful time was not sleeping properly for about 4 years and it became an obsessive thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep and so I couldn’t sleep!

    Anyway, this probably isn’t very helpful but I just wanted you to know your not alone and I’m sure you will get through it – I’m sure we both deserve to even if we don’t feel it!

  3. Sarah 20 September 2010 Reply

    I can’t remember not feeling anxious. Ever. My symptoms are quite varied.
    The lesser of the symptoms are Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, focussed around even numbers. Palpitations. Crying on and off, not everyday but on my particularly bad days. Flicking from one problem to the next. Scared of my door being knocked on. Struggling to sleep or even go to bed. Putting things off, making plans and not following through on them, not just on an unreliable scale. I really want to do these things but when it comes round to it I just can’t. The more severe of these sympoms are panic attacks, struggling to breathe and having suicidal thoughts. These are far less frequent than the lesser symptoms but are far more frequent than I would like. Every few weeks sometimes for short periods (2-3 days) and sometimes even longer between.
    I really want to go to see my Doctor but I’m so worried because last time I went to hospital having a panic attack they kept me in all night and wanted to admit me for a while. When I refused I went to see my Doctor after and he was so unsympathetic, he just prescribed me with drugs and pretty much fobbed me off.
    I just really don’t want it to start affecting my work!
    Rant over, apologies.

  4. alan warner 21 September 2010 Reply

    I have had problems with my nerves for 40years and about 12years ago my parents bothe died very close in time .my marriage broke up shortly after . Before this i had had nerve trouble for about 30 years. Anyway after my parents died i had a breakdown and was in hospital for a month and was put on carbamazapine 400mg a day I have been fine up to december last year when my only friend died i dont know if that has anything to do with it. But since december i have had this anxiety since dec i have been given a tape to listen to which i think is working.
    up to date i have had bad days but if i carry on listening to the tape i think it will help.alan warner

  5. Miriam 24 September 2010 Reply

    I have to agree. With increased public awareness campaigns addressing depression this illness is now ‘socially acceptable’, people can admit to their friends and workmates that they have depression and receive the support and acceptance they deserve.

    This is not my experience with anxiety – I’m told by others to pull myself together, get over it, that its my fault or that I should just try harder – which makes matters worse and compounds the guilt I feel and the things I tell myself. I could never tell my friends or workmates for fear of being laughed at, gossiped about or seen to be performing poorly. More needs to be done about raising awareness of anxiety in the community, workplace and the media as a serious clinical illness, not the butt of everyone’s jokes as it seems to be at the moment.

    • Lisa 8 March 2011 Reply

      I couldn’t agree more with the above posts. It feels good to finally realise that my worries are not normal and something can be done about it. I’ve had anxiety problems for years but didn’t realise it – the prime example is thinking my boyfriend has had a major accident when I can’t get hold of him on the phone, etc. It finally came to a head this last month when I almost fainted at work due to the feeling that I just couldn’t cope with so much worry. For about 10 years now I’ve just been told to ‘calm down and stop worrying’ and ‘you just need to stop worrying, just stop thinking about things, it’s easy’. That whole situation made it worse as I felt that there was something badly wrong with me. After discussing things with my GP, I realised that there could be a way out of this after all. Let’s hope!

      • Claudia 11 June 2011 Reply

        I totally agree. I am 16 and have had it for one year and at first my mother was totally supportive and I got a bit better. However, when she was round people talking about it she was saying “oh, she’s being silly” and it has gotten so so much worse. I am just not going to talk to her about it and deal with people we actually can help. My brother in law specialises in this so its really helpful.

        • Kat 28 December 2011 Reply

          I was 9 when I first developed anxiety disorder. At first the doctors diagnosed it as depression, so I received treatment for that for many years until I started High school and had a major panic attack on my first day. My mother looked up the symptoms online and we began searching for a ‘cure’. I fought against it for years, desperately trying different methods for one that would work. It wasn’t until I discovered the ‘Charles Linden method’ that I actually began to get any better, It’s amazing and has genuinely changed my life. I’m 18 now and although I still have wobbly days, they aren’t as scary. Please don’t give up, it may seem insurmountable now, but it will get easier.
          Kat x

    • vicky dann 21 August 2011 Reply

      i know that feeling well i have suffered for 6 yrs now , it did get easier for a couple of yrs there with medication and my family think all is well but ive been getting worse again for a couple off months now and scared to say anything cos all i get is pull urself together you have kids do you want them to see you in this state !! dont give them a terrible life theres nothing wrong with you its all in your head !! i know that but getting it out my head is hard all i want to do is cry , my gp has given me medication, i have stopped going out as i feel safer at home as i feel nothing can happen to me or my family here .

  6. Louise Bailey 7 October 2010 Reply

    I have only just developed what I think is anxiety, I have seen my GP and she is referring me to be assessed by a mental health practitioner. I am so afraid that these negative feelings will never go away that I feel like I can’t wait. I really don’t know how to deal with it at the moment. My life is being destroyed by this.

    • Nick 6 January 2011 Reply

      This is how I feel exactly. Although it feels like this now though I am hopeful that it wont always be like this. I think it’s important to think positively. I find this impossible in the short term but am trying to focus on a less anxious future!

  7. Julie 11 October 2010 Reply

    I have had problems with anxiety for a few years now but this time it has hit me hard.i suffered a mild heart attack back in march at work.since then i have had 2 more hospital admissions.despite going bk to work i worry constantly that its going to happen again whilst at work and therefore have suffered a few anxiety/panic gp has signed me off sick for now and i am waiting to see a member of the mental health team.have got the added worry now that i may lose my job.have tried talking to the people manager but all i got back from her was not very helpful.she told me that she thought id brought it on myself.this made me feel even worse and made me start to question so glad i looked up your website because i now know im not alone in how im feeling and the thoughts im having.

    • territorevell 12 October 2010 Reply

      Hello Julie. I’m glad you are finding comfort in our website. Have you tried calling the helpline to learn about what resources we have in your area? Give us a ring on 08444 775 774. All the best! Terri (Anxiety UK)

  8. James 13 October 2010 Reply

    Hi there. I’ve been anxious for over six months now, mainly over a relationship that I am in. I think that I have both GAD and OCD, as I obssess about everything to do with this person and the situation.

    I am losing weight like there is no tomorrow, unable to concerntrate at work and constantly am close to being sick…not to mention the palputations, the dry mouth, the headaches, the constant exhaustion…

    I am seeing both a CBT therapist and have also had some sessions of hypnosis. I am also on anti-depressants…though I had to fight to be put on them…

    It is such a lonely place feeling like this…

  9. Carly 14 October 2010 Reply

    I think i have GAD, i haven’t been diagnosed but from what i have read this is exactly what i am going through, although it seems like i’ve had it forever i’ve never developed it. My mum also has it i think but she’s learned to deal with it all her life and says this is what i should do. I’m sixteen and just doing my A levels and my work to be fair has been brilliant over the past few years, the anxiety mainly affects my social life although some of it is my workload. I get anxious all the time, i don’t think i ever am not feeling anxious, feeling guilty as though i have done something wrong but i don’t know what and the slightest thing will set it off, i have alot of trouble sleeping and have been to see the doctor separately about this but they didnt do anything, have times where my heart beat and breathing rate just increase suddenly randomly, although i don’t think it is a full on panic attack it could be something of the sort, and i also suffer from migraines frequently which again i have been to see the doctor separately about. I also have low blood pressure and whenever i stand up after sitting down for over an hour i go light headed and dizzy and can’t see for a minute, and what makes it worse is my anxiety thinking im about to faint 🙁
    im going to go to the doctors and see about this CBT as this seems to be the main solution and hopefully my doctor won’t be like many on here, but im glad to actually have found the cause of this anxiety as i always thought this was normal when i was younger, i used to regularly think why am i feeling guilty when i haven’t done anything wrong? and never got in trouble because of the sheer pain it would cause me from the anxiety and guilt. Reading through all of this, every time someone wrote down a symptom i was just like yes, that’s exactly right! thank god its actually something diagnosable because my mum makes out it is just daily life whenever i discuss it with her, and i hope this will help the condition because it really annoys me that i know i shouldn’t be feeling this but i do and i don’t know how to stop it myself yet.
    just thought i would say my piece 🙂
    Carly 🙂

  10. Simon Musk 19 October 2010 Reply

    I have had GAD for about two years now along with depression,although much of the time its hard to tell the two apart! I usually wake at between 4 30am and 5 and my mind goes into overdrive right away.The physical sensations I get are horrendous-
    A weird fluttering feeling in my chest and arms
    Feeling sick
    Like everything is a dream and Im looking through a gauze and cant see properly
    Does anybody else have these feelings? I feel so alone most of the time even with my family around me.My wife has tried to be understanding but I know shes sick of it now.Even if I dont talk to her about it she can see it in my face when Im worrying and feeling like screaming!
    Are there any support groups or therapists than can help me in the Leeds West Yorks area? Thanks

    • Lisa 2 January 2011 Reply

      I see this is an old post but if your stuff suffering with these problems you can mail me. It is really scary not having anyone who understands.

      I have been through similar myself and seen a therapist in the Leeds area.

      The ‘dreamy’, spaced out feeling your describing is called derealization / depersonalization.

  11. Rachel 19 October 2010 Reply

    I have been reading with interest some of the emails. Tonight is the first time I have heard of GAD but it may be what my doctor is missing. What do you guys think? I am 29 and have been experiencing the following for the last 4 years:
    * Migranes
    * Loss of appetite
    * Palpatations
    * Dizzyness
    * Tinatus
    * Shortness of breath
    * Chest pains (especially when in stressful situations)
    * Crying for no reason
    * Lump in throat
    * Emotional disattachment
    * Lack of motivation
    * Forgetfulness
    * Dry mouth
    * Back pain
    * Trapped wind
    Is this normal and after so long of being treated by Ear Nose and Throat, for dizzyness and ringing in my ears, will my doctor believe me if I ask him to investigate GAD?
    Please help – Worried

  12. Reuben Taphouse 21 October 2010 Reply


    Please stay positive but i know how hard it can be, the better and longer you are able to stay positive the better you will be moving forward.

    Please consider nutritional therapy, stress issues with blood sugar problems lead to feelings of low, negative moods. The body naturally will release adrenaline to increase blood sugar and then insulin to counteract this – this cycle continues. As a result of this, it creates panic and anxiety as a by product symptom because the feelings of the body not in a relaxed state and adrenaline being released when its not required I.e. tense, restlessness, shortness of breath, sweaty palms etc¢â‚¬Â¦

    Avoid alcohol and other stimulants like caffeine, exercise and eat good food, combining protein with (where possible) complex carbohydrates to release sugars into the blood slowly.

    Many of you may have unstable blood sugar, once this is addressed you can start to feel more stable and positive and then combat the unnecessary awful thoughts as these should become less and less frequent over time.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Michaela 2 November 2010 Reply

    Have any of you suffered from numbness with your anxiety?? I am relatively new to all this. Only sought help in July and was put on the waiting list for CBT (STILL waiting!). Things came to a head yesterday and the GP has prescribed amitryptilin. My left breast has been completely numb for over 24 hours. I suffered a similar thing last year with the right breast, had physio, scans, all sorts, and nothing untoward was found so was advised it was probably a trapped nerve. It faded over time but the aches and pains came back a few days ago and now more numbness. I have read a bit about numbness being associated with anxiety but don’t know much about how long it lasts. Of course, one of the main things with anxiety is that I am constantly worrying I am ill. Am I really ill and it will be dismissed as a symptom of the anxiety?? Or is the anxiety playing tricks with my mind?? It’s a vicious circle! I do take comfort though from how many of you have commented that CBT is beneficial, fingers crossed it will work for me too.

    • Joy 11 January 2011 Reply

      Yes, I’ve had numbness with anxiety in the past. A few years ago, when I was having a very bad period of anxiety, I experienced numbness in different parts of my body. Over time (several months), as the anxiety subsided, the numbness gradually subsided too.
      I have suffered with anxiety for most of my life. I have come to understand that anxiety itself is the problem, rather than whatever I happen to be worried about at the time. Even so, it is difficult to deal with. However, over the years, I cope with it better and have long periods when I am free of it. Meditation is a wonderful help for me, so it might help for you to try it too.
      Best wishes to everyone suffering from this difficult illness.

  14. Mal 7 November 2010 Reply

    I have suffered from anxiety for 18 months and have in the past 6 months seen a CBT which has helped, the only thing I can say is if you get referred you need to ensure that you put the effort in….. If you don’t it won’t work…… The toughest part of CBT is actually sitting with the experience, not running, the fight or flight of anxiety….. I recently decided to attempt to take control and actually sit and experience the anxiety attack.. CBT teachers you to experience the anxiety… The chest pain, short of breathe, heart palpations and the feeling of something major happening…. A heart attack….. Very very hard but it has started to build my self confidents and belief that all is well….. Still feel like the worst will happen but getting a lot more comfortable and not as serious…….

  15. Julie 20 November 2010 Reply

    Hi Criag

    Many thanks for your positive words. I have recently been diagnosed with GAD, which was worrying in itself! I’m at the beginning of a road to what I hope will be recovery or wellness and found your words really encouraging.

    One thing I would say though, is that although the book you recommend – Overcoming Worry is excellent, it actually made me worse, because my symptoms are quite bad and I found myself over analysing to such a degree that I really thought I was loosing the plot. Fortunately I did see my GP, asked to see someone specialising in mental health problems and was taken seriously, given some SSRIs and put on the (long) waiting list for CBT.

    I’ve started a blog about getting better, because I hope I will and I find it really useful to read about others who are getting better. Its at Hope this is useful too.

  16. sandra 1 December 2010 Reply

    iv got severe anxiety,have had it for two years now and its awful the doctor put me on betablockers they help abit .iv had counselling and cbt never really worked for me .iv had a lot of stress in my life and i have always been a worrier

  17. Ryan 19 December 2010 Reply

    Im 19 years old and i’ve been having exactly the same things as you! Im constantly on edge about my heart, even though i’ve been to the GP and had ECG’s and blood tests and they’re all fine. Im constantly aware of my heartbeat and the slightest change or pain that i get in my chest can send me into a panic attack. I KNOW that i’ve got Generalised anxiety disorder but that doesn’t really help. Right now im trying some hypnotherapy lessons on the internet and im also trying to exercise more to take my mind off of it. What i say to everyone who suffers from constant worrying every day is to go for a walk and change your scenery because that always helps me. Finally and most importantly you should never give up and just accept it because you deserve a life without constant worrying!

  18. kelly farndale 30 December 2010 Reply

    hi,im really in a bad time in my life at the minute,i seffer badly from anxiety and have been prescribed pregabilin along with prozac for my depression,i am waiting for a counselor but only god knows how long that will take,i have suffered for many years and at only 28 years old i dont want the rest of my life to be in the terrifying place i am at the minute,i am on facebook as kelly copeland farndale if anybody wants to add me,i have panic attacks and am haveing a problem at the minute with acheing legs which after reading above im kind of thinking its to do with the anxiety,i surpose what im loking for at the minute desperately is a way forward and to know i am not alone..i just feel so afraid and alone,my husband cant understand as he doesnt suffer,and my 4 kids are only young,look forward to a reply thanku x

  19. Peter 31 December 2010 Reply

    I suffer with GAD and can cope with the mind games but its the physical effects that are painful and uncomfortable to such an extent i cannot work.I cannot sit for longer than 10 mins or stand forlong periods without awful discomfort.layingon my belly and sittingin a hot bath gives me my only relief.My wifeunderstands what i,m going throo but the rest of my family and GP appear ignorant to my suffering.Lack of people to talk to about this who truly understand seems to bea big problem,a mentor would be a good idea,i cannot afford therapy as i,m unemployed,a vicious circle of lack of help.I do feel suicidal sometimes and want to be violent to others but darent tell anyone as the authorities might cause me more problems.

  20. Alex 10 January 2011 Reply

    Thanks to all for the above help. I’ve had this now for almost 2 years, i’m 24. I’m not going to list all the similar experiences I’ve had as i’m completely fed up by this disabling condition. Instead i ask for anyone to recommend how i can get treatment (Cognitive ideally) without spending lots of money? I’m barely able to hold my current job at the moment so i cannot afford expensive counselling.

    Any suggestions, i’ve read every book available on the subject to no avail and am trying to get off Paxil which is barely helpling.

    Many thanks to you all.

    Alex (email

  21. mike 14 January 2011 Reply

    Hi all,

    I am so glad I have found this website and I am not alone and can relate to most of your words.
    I have sufferd from anxiety now since I was 15 (now 27) and over the years this problem has just got worse and worse. I have seen my GP on a few occasions. onece he gave me flavoxine (think that how its spelt) I took this for a few days that made me feel more anxious so i stoped taking them. on the other occations I went to see my GP I felt I was fobbed off a little.
    in september i started my post graduate degree and ever since I have got alot worse to the point i feel like quiting to concentrate on my self to get over my anxiety. however in a way this makes it worse as if i quit, and go back to it as i will have to pay the redicilas fees.
    I have a range of simtoms such as.

    Chest Pain
    Pain in Limbs
    Pins & Neadles In Limbs
    Numbness of the Skin
    Abdominal Pain
    Sence of Absentness
    Missed Heartbeats
    Panic attacks
    THIS TO NAME A FEW Over the years

    now and for a few years I am also having problems doing normal day to day things. it would seem new things every day e.g.

    Going to the cinema
    Going to a familiy meal
    Going shopping
    Lectures in uni

    I just feel I cant go anywhere without it happening to some extent. and have been drinking alcohol more and more that takes it away for a while, but now even that small reilef is loosing its affect.
    Also im training to be an achitect that is a stressful job in its self, im wondering weather it is a suitable carreer for me suffering with this problem.
    I need help and im not sure what to do about it? any suggestions are welcome.

    hope everyone is ok and manages to get on top of there anxiety problem.


  22. teresa 18 January 2011 Reply

    Hi everyone, i have just found this site . what a relief to know i am not alone ,with this awful GAD. I have sufferd for over a year . My life is just an existance, compared to how i used to be .The physical symptoms are all of the ones ive read on here. Also im afraid of everyone i love dying sudenly including my cat. this fear is taking over my life. My stomach is in a constent knot its so awful , i cry for hours , terrified of being alone , which brings on panic attacks. teresa

  23. Laura 21 January 2011 Reply

    Hello, I think I’ve been siffering anxiety or depression for years. I had a particlarly bad period in late 2007/early 2008 where I lost a lot of weight because I could hardly eat without being sick. I’ve had a great time up until December, the only problems I have are a slight worry on days in which I haven’t got a lot to do, I worry I’m going to get down. Then in early Decemeber I woke up feeling light headed and like nothing was real and then it just esculated. I get really bad trembling (almost like convulsions) and I’m sick, especially in the mornings. However this time round I’ve made an effort with my food, drinking complans in the morning if I feel sick, so I haven’t really lost any weight. Over Christmas I’ve fought so many different anxieties, as soon as I get rid of one, another comes. Stupid things like how do I know everything around me is real and what if I go mad. You won’t go mad, I’ve realised that, because anxiety is about being super aware of everything around you and the fear of going mad is a sympton, so even when I feel weird I don’t worry about that now.

    The two doctors I’ve seen at home and where I am at uni have been understanding, explaining how anxiety works and giving me citalopram. I’m on the smallest dose of citalopram and it has stopped the severe trembling. The side effects are dizziness and aren’t pleasant but they went after a while. However I still sometimes feel sick. I’ve been feeling good the last few days but I woke up this morning feeling like I’d never be safe from it and I thought I’d be sick so I stepped into a cold shower, the sick feeling went immediately! :p

    The problem I have now is that I think I’ll never enjoy the career I’ve planned (in the past I’ve always looked forward to my future), I fear losing interest which makes me think I have. Then I think I’ll never ben independent and not be able to cope alone. I think part of this stems from the fact I’m turning 20 this year so I think my life’s about to have a big change, that if I feel bad I’m too old to turn to my mum and need to learn to deal with it myself, that I’m too old to stay at home. I know this is daft but I’m just manifesting anxieties all over the place. I’m a little worried about going back to uni next week because I won’t have my family around the distract me, but I know I have to learn to cope alone. My doctore here has also told me to try CBT when I get back to uni and I know my doctor there will be understanding (she seems very nice, practical, which is what I like).

    Fianlly, all I can say is the worst thing you can do is shut yourself off from life. There was one night where a felt like I had no energy but I had to sort my budgies out, I didn’t know how I’d do it, but I forced myself and gradually stated to feel much better. The key to defeating this (I believe) is to not lie down a sleep even when you feel you really need to, interracting with people and joking with friends gives me no end of help. Just going out or playing a game leaves me feeling normal! I’m part of a theatre group in my home town and going there makes me forget all my anxieties and I know I have fun times ahead with them even though I sometimes believe I’ll never be happy again. If you feel you’re alone and have no friends why don’t you find a new hobby? Join a group, whether you want to dance, sing, walk, read or do a sport. Getting outdoors, exercising or meeting with other people, for me, vanquishes any negative feelings. You can expect setbacks, but realise if you felt good once there’s no reason why you can’t live like that again. Also, I found being honest with my family helps, tell them how you feel. My mum might ask me how I’m feeling and when it’s “not so good” she says something like “oh, you’re rubbish” lol and I found that’s better than us both going boo hoo, then I calmly explain how I feel and we might put something funny on the TV.

    Laughter truly is the best medicine. :o) I hope we all find a way to defeat this and help each other, we’re all friends here so don’t feel alone! Sorry for the long message lol

    • Laura 21 January 2011 Reply

      Oh yes, one more thing, Has anyone heard of the Linden Method? Apparently it’s starting to be recognised as an actual cure for anxiety, it’s all about being able to control the area of you brain that controls anxiety levels, stops the adrenaline rushing round and so stops panic attacks. I’ve read good results from people, but I couldn’t say for certain that it works, but if you research it, it seems very interesting.

      They’re discovering so many new things about the brain, and the parts that control moods, now that it seems it may be possible for them to learn ways of curing depression. It gives you hope. 🙂

      • catoneill 25 January 2011 Reply

        Hi Laura,

        With regards the Linden Method, we asked one of our learned Patrons, Professor Paul Salkovskis, to review the program. His review can be found here at the bottom of the page, but you will need to be an Anxiety UK member to access this restricted area. We always advise caution about the use of the word ‘cure’ with regards to anxiety, as we believe anxiety is a normal human emotion, and rather than cure we would want to support a person to be able to have a level of anxiety that no longer impacts on their life.

        Best wishes

        Cat (Anxiety UK)

  24. Debra 24 January 2011 Reply

    I don’t know what or if I suffer from anything, and have not got enough courage to revisit the doctor since last time.

    I suffer every morning and night from something, while on the train to work. I get too hot or something.. and feel like I’m going to pass out. I get a headache and sometimes feel very sick too. Which usually leads to me crouching down on the floor -embarrassing, as there are never any seats.
    It’s often made worse by my worry and panic for being late to work. But I don’t think it’s caused by this as I have had similar issues since I was very young. Standing up for a long time = feeling faint.

    I also suffer from IBS…

    I never feel like I want to leave the house anymore. I often make plans to see my friends, but while getting ready/doing my hair and choosing clothes, I end up dragging it out for so long that I become late..and I just feel horrendous.. and end up making an excuse last minute to not go.

    Sleep at home is much more preferred than going out these days. But I miss going out. I miss feeling good in whatever outfit I choose and doing activities or seeing friends. So I’m unhappy at home because I want to be out, but when I’m out I wish to be at home.

    Not sure what this all is… but it’s impacting my life. My boyfriend thinks it might be depression… A doctor told me to buck up because its just stress (which is why im too scared to go talk to a GP about it again in case they say the same- I nearly cried last time)

    • catoneill 24 January 2011 Reply

      Hi Debra,

      Why don’t you give one of our volunteers a call on 08444 775774 – many have been through anxiety themselves so they will take you seriously.

      Best wishes


    • David 25 January 2011 Reply

      Hi Debra,
      I can relate to your comments very well. If you are scared to talk to your GP then maybe you can ask for another?

      I agree with Cat about calling the AUK helpline on: 08444 775 774. The people that answer the phone have suffered (and still are in some cases) with the negative side effects of Anxiety. Some times it’s nice to just have a chat with someone that understands.

      It’s hard but please say “Im not going to let this beat me!”.

      All the best,

  25. Lucy 25 January 2011 Reply

    Hi Jenny

    I’m 27 and have been experiencing all of the symptoms you describe. I have felt like this since May last year when I had to have a mole removed and convinced myself (through ill-advised internet research) that I had skin cancer. A week after I had my all clear from the dermatologist, I had to go back to my GP as I found blood stains in my bra. After an examination, the GP found a lump and I was referred to the breast clinic. My mum has had breast cancer and I was terrified. Luckily it turned out to be nothing more than a harmless lump. A few days later I started have terrible headaches and pain around my eyes. One night I fainted and my boyfriend took me to A+E. The doctor I saw gave me some pain killers, told me to go home and come back in the morning if I felt no better, and they would arrange a brain scan! When I returned the next day, the doctor I saw diagnosed a bad case of sinusitis. Whilst I was relieved, I have been in pain ever since and had to battle with my GP to refer me to an ENT specialist.

    In October I started experiencing chest pain and heart palpitations. I went to my GP who did thyroid tests (clear) and put me on beta blockers. I have been on them ever since.

    I have a blood disorder which means the platelets are more ‘sticky’ than normal. I take asprin daily as I had a small blood clot in my eye 10 years ago. Everytime I get a pain in my arms or legs, I assume I have a blood clot and worry for days until the pain goes away.

    I am convinced that I have GAD, but my GP does not take me seriuosly, telling me to relax. Whilst I am sure this is good advice, it doesn’t really help.

    I recently got engaged and am due to get married next year. All I can think about is all the things that could go wrong. I want to enjoy my life again, but at the moment I feel like I am just getting through the days as best I can.

    Reading everyone’s stories has made me feel much less alone x

  26. sammy 3 February 2011 Reply

    Hi to everyone who has posted on this site, i am so pleased i am not alone, even tho i know im not its very hard not to feel alone at times.

    My problems started about 18 months ago when i turned 30, it has broken up my marriage(although this may have been the cause of it anyhow) i was unable to work for a year and even now i find it really difficult to maintain a working pattern.
    I suffer from GAD and depression and like some others on here find it difficult to tell between the two, I only know that my anxiety is much more difficult to deal with if the depression is there.
    I mainly suffer with the mental side of things, bad thoughts, compulsive and obbssesive thoughts, negative thoughts, so much so that sometimes its so hard to deal with i have to comfort myself with the thought that i can end my suffering with suicide(even tho i really dont want to die) this thought often helps.
    Its hard to explain my thoughts and feelings but i will try……ill have waves of good and bad throughtout the day the bad ones are crippling and consist of strong feelings of dread for no apparrent reason and nothing pleasant i think of will restore equilibrium…it does eventually but this see-sawing continues all day…its exausting!, its like i have to constantly talk myself out of these awful feelings on a regular basis, to me this is not living.
    SSRI’s have helped to a minor degree but im definately better on them than not, i have tried several but currently on venlafaxine. while this all sounds pretty negative i still have days when i can see hope on the other side, i just wanted to share my experience with you all as i dont see many people on any sites who suffer with anxiety with depression so hopefully someone will respond?!
    but do carry on peeps, i do believe that this can be combated but it takes time… and perseverence.
    good luck everybody!!
    Sammy J

    • kathryn 13 February 2011 Reply

      hi sammy i have read your post and now feel not alone with this terrible torment, i have recently being suffering with terrible anxiety and horrible thoughts that will not go away, i am a normal working person who had a normal life up to a month ago if first started with a anxiety attack out of the blue, have been off work since this time as seeing a crisis support team and other involvement form various professional people which i have involved from the start, and told everyone everything not easy to say such things when you are ashamed and scared what will happen, my husband is very supportive but not finding it easy to cope as i am now tormented by these horrible and vivid images,thoughts and am having talk myself not to do these things na am scared of being left alone as may do it, have been on citalapram 20mg for a week but no improvement so far, i do hope i can overcome this soon as it is ruining my life.

      • catoneill 16 February 2011 Reply

        Hi Kathryn,

        Have you heard of the term ‘intrusive thoughts’? It sounds a bit like what you are describing. There is a great section in the book overcoming OCD which talks about the horrible thoughts we can get, and how to deal with them. Take a look on the OCD page for more info.

        Best wishes

        Cat (Anxiety UK)

  27. Matthew Paul 6 February 2011 Reply

    i recently was told by my psycaratrist that i suffer from ananxieity disorder. i’m 21 and feel i have suffered a long time. i@ve felt as i have since i was 12/13 and constantly fear the worst in all situations. i imagine stuff will happen even in calm condititions. im always on edge. worrying panicing. its putting a stress on my relationship. we’ve been on an off for 3 yrs and struggle to stay together for longer than a month. i self harm now as it subdues the feeling. mainly burning or hitting walls etc. I’m constantly feeling low and dunno what to do. i got worried about my psyc after he told me and left without help. it took them 8 yrs of anger management and 2 yrs at oxleas to diagonoes me. i also deal with my anxiety with anger. i often feel threatened and lash out as i feel im gonna be left in a bloody pile if i dont… do u have any advice on. things to preoccupy my anxiety and to distract myself from it. i would go back to the clinic but they will prob put me in padded cell n forget about me.

    • Anonymous 17 February 2011 Reply

      im only sixteen and ever since my doctor give me a vacination last year and i lost my breath i think im going to die at any pain i feel, if i have a cold i think i have swine flu and im not going to get through it, if im on a train i think its going to blow up, i have to turn everything off that is a hazard, if im in a car i think im going to crash. i get heart puplataions. i hate being on my own because thats when it gets worse when im with my friends im fine, but as soon im in my house on my own i feel like im going mental. the doctors dont tell you anything and reading all this about people having it for years makes me feel like it will never go away. im sixteen and doing my gsces and cant even live my life normally and nobody understands it. i dont think its possible to relate to it unless you experience it x

      • victoria 23 February 2011 Reply

        hi, i am 18 , i have had anxiaty since about two years ago , i always think i am going to die , i have heart puplpertations aswell, i hate it , i always feel my heart i always think its going to stop or something , i think the way to help me get rid mayb is 4 a doctor to tell me im fine , and cheak me over , i get this odd thing happen to me my heart does a odd big beat and i can feel it in my breathin pattern if you know what i mean ,:/, i know wen it does it , i cnt stop it from doing it , but i can make it do it just by breathin in a funny way , my tummy always tightens it makes me feel abit hungry almost n then i panic a lil about that, it doing my head in i need help , but i know exsactly what your going thro , xx

  28. Abby 8 February 2011 Reply

    Hi,i suffer from anxiety and it has got worse since November,it is crippling me,i worry all the time and cant relax. I have been off work since the end of November and i am worried i wont be able to go back. People/friends say they want ‘Abby’ back and so do i,this is no life,this is torture. I am doing CBT and am an anti-depressant but nothing much helps.Everyday is a struggle,it is horrendus.

  29. Abby 8 February 2011 Reply

    Hi there,i am on Mirazapine as well,how do you find it,has it been a help? I have been taking it since the 2nd week of Jan 2011. I am constantly anxious and not much seems to help me.

    • maxwell 9 February 2011 Reply

      ask your doctor for olanzapine, it will take the edge off your anxiety

      • Abby 21 February 2011 Reply

        Thanks what is that,is it an anti-depressant?

  30. Abby 9 February 2011 Reply

    Suicide is the only answer,i am getting worse every day

    • Anonymous 10 February 2011 Reply

      Hi Abby, no suicide is definitely not the answer, u need to redirect ur thoughts into positives, I know it sounds strange but u need to look and think differently, Iv suffered for years, n believe me i still have my moments, but now I try not think about feeling anxious all t time n when I do I try think positively, I made a promise to myself not to let this beat me, if u lie down to it it’ll jus manifest n get worse and worse. What I mean is if u wake up in the morning n immediately look for all ur symptoms then that’s ur mind thinking negatively n it’s a vicious circle try not think bout feeling anxious for a jus a while, then try to gradually increase this time think back to how u felt when u were a kid running about n how u felt then, happy? Relax, don’t avoid situations as this is another negative n is jus another thing to beat urself up about, try to exercise n stay pre occupied but not stressed. Hope this helps, iv never posted b4 but u sound like how I was at my worst, tell ur mind that this is the worst ur Gona get on a scale of 1-10 this is 10 wake up tommorow as the new u, if u can decrease the scale to even 9 then that’s gotta b better than suicide, u know there’s a strong fighter in there sumwhere, let me know how it goes:-) x

      • Abby 21 February 2011 Reply

        Thank you for your reply,i will try to fight this but it is hard isnt it and others dont understand at all.

  31. fiona 16 February 2011 Reply


    i have just discovered this site and i am beyond relieved that i am not alone. I have been suffering with gad now for as long as i can remember, i can’t remember a time when i haven’t. At the moment i am suffering a quite nasty spell but have always had what i can only describe as a permanent low grade background sense of fear and unease. Having visited the gp i now see that i am suffering from an illness. I have felt that this was something i had to live with, like it was a personality trait, and the thought of not having to be like this fills me with great hope and of course also great fear-who or what will i be if i’m not worrying?

    I am however, with the help of a fabulous gp, some medication and some counselling approaching my life with real hope. I know it will be a long road but i am determined to beat this. To all of you the very best of luck and thankyou for being brave enough to post your stories. It has given me such relief to know i’m not mad and not alone xx

  32. Hayley 9 March 2011 Reply

    I have been looking through the comments on this website and I feel as though everyone is writing a discription about me. I have never had a diagnosis of GAD but the more I research the more I recognise that I feel and think all of these things described.

    I look back on my life and realise that I have been held back so much due to anxiety and its not been until now that I have researched more about the disorder as I have been going through a real bad couple of years.

    I just want it said to ME by someone ‘this is what you have been suffereing with for the passed 25 years and this is WHY it has restricted your life in so many ways. Maybe I will beable to help myself if I know what the problem is in the first place. Maybe I wont feel so alone and like im going nuts! x

  33. Anonymous 13 March 2011 Reply


    I have been a member for over a year but have suffered with anxiety all my life. Yoga and running have helped me and I’ve had probably my best year overall although I’ve just had a really bad month, probably triggered by pressures at work. Do others suffer with constant body tension? Mine is in my tummy area and my heart area and as I write I have a lot of tension and ‘warmth’ in my abdomen. I understand myself probably better than ever but still find it hard and frustrating especially when you can’t share how you are with others who just think you’re very quiet. it feels like a constant struggle but I’m not the type to ever give up. I would possibly like to join a self help group or certainly talk to others who suffer too.

    • Ruth 7 April 2011 Reply

      Hi there

      I too have a lot of body tension which is often constant, mainly in my head, neck and shoulders. My energy also feels up in my chest area much of the time and this makes me feel very ungrounded and gives me a feeling of not being in my body. Have you found yoga helps you to feel more connected and grounded? I know it is something I could try to do regularly as I’m sure it would help. I struggle to get motivated when I’m feeling really anxious as I feel rather like a rabbit stuck in the headlights not knowing which way to turn. Have you found anything to really help you get out of an anxious state and get a better perspective on what is going on rather than the distorted anxious one?

      Take care

  34. margaret 18 March 2011 Reply

    Tell you what, I am glad I found this site today makes me realise that I am not going mad. I am 49 and going throught the menopause whaich started all this and its not good. I have had 2 ECG and both normal but still have chest pains and think I am going to die, sometimes its unbearable, my hubby is very good but doesnt really understand how in December 2010 I was fine and in January 2011 I am a different person altogether, weepy sad etc etc.
    Hope this gets better soon, waiting on CBT app hopefully within the next 4 week cant wait.

  35. helen 5 April 2011 Reply

    I have had panic attacks on and off for 23 years ,I have been fine most of the past 7 years ,But 8 weeks ago it has come back were i am getting up to 5 a day. I still get to work as i drive there and i am also a bus driver and i am fine doing the job ,But trying to walk anywere i can not cope with i cannot breath i shake i some times scream as i cannot breath..I cannnot go into shopping centres or do weekley shops either……..My Dr has not helped much ,i am seeing works DR but i cannot see her helping me over come this .
    My husabnd thinks and has always thought i was mad
    Any advice
    helen southampton

  36. CARL 6 April 2011 Reply

    Reading people’s blogs about panic and anxiety disorders have been the most effective way of dealing with gad – better than any doctor or medication.
    I’ve always been a worrier and have low self esteem but 4 years ago whilst at home alone, I felt as though half my face was coming off. I started feeling anxious almost all the time and one day on the tube it felt like I couldn’t breathe and my heart wanted to leave my chest it was beating so hard.
    A couple of months later (still feeling anxious 90% of the day up until today) I was eating and felt as though I couldn’t swallow what I was eating. Cue rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, “jelly legs”, couldn’t concentrate ect. I knocked on a neighbours door who then called an ambulance. I went to hospital and had an ECG, blood pressure test and sugar level test. Everything was fine but for me it was just starting. Waking up in the middle of the night thinking I’m having a heart attack, afraid to get on a bus, go out the house and many more things. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been to A&E and only recently been able to control the Panic Attacks through CBT. I gave up Paroxetine (was taking 40mg a day down to 10mg – quite quickly, unfortunately) and now, it seems, that Anxiety wants a turn at ruining my life by making me constantly worry, feel nervous and so on. Just thought I would share my experiences but would really appreciate communicating with a fellow sufferer(s) as no-one else can remotely understand what you’re going through. Carl, London.

  37. Daniel 25 April 2011 Reply

    Over the past month everything I do has slowly started to worry me, even little things. After reading this site it’s calmed me a little, I’m only 17 yet I’m not too sure what I should do, wait for it to pass over, or contact someone to see if I do have GAD?

    • territorevell 26 April 2011 Reply

      Hello Daniel. Many young people begin to experience anxiety at this time. In fact, many of us at Anxiety UK have had the same experience. We’d suggest you talk to your GP as he/she may be able to help. It may also be helpful to talk to others who are in a similar position so do think about either ringing our helpline or talking to other anxiety sufferers on our website. Finally, you might be surprised that many of your friends have probably felt the same way at times. Have you tried talking to them about it? Or your parents? It can really help to share your problems with others as getting support is so important.

      Best of luck. Terri – Anxiety UK

      • Daniel 26 April 2011 Reply

        I have thought about going to my GP, but I also feel it could be a wasted visit as it could turn out to be nothing, so it kind of put me off going, not to mention I’m not too sure if I want to go alone, then again, I’m not too sure I want others to know.
        As for talking to some of my friends, I’ve kind of spoken about it, I have said that “Oh, I’ve done this it’s really worried me”, I have also spoken to my mum about being worried over something, but they have both said “It’s nothing” or “It’ll be fine”, but I have never mentioned I that I feel I might have GAD, in fact, I’m worried my mum will assumed that “I’m just being silly” or “It’s nothing”.

        • territorevell 28 April 2011 Reply

          We understand how you feel Daniel. Do try to get in to see your GP though as there is no reason for you to suffer in silence. Be honest and if he/she tries to brush it off, reiterate how you feel and try to make him/her understand the severity of your worry. Failing that, ring our helpline and get some support from those who have felt the same. You can ring us on 08444 775 774, Monday-Friday from 9:30-5:30. Unfortunately, we’ll be closed over the long weekend but are here today if you need to chat. All the best.

          Terri – AUK

  38. Miki 5 May 2011 Reply

    I’m 21 and have been struggling with anxiety and depression for 5 months. Not very long but it’s turned into a big problem. It gets on top of me most days and I feel like I can’t cope. I get so angry and frustated with it. When I have a good day, I really have a good day. But then when I have a bad day.. it’s like it has to balance itself out.. It can’t just be a good day without paying for it, it seems. The physical symptoms feel awful.. The tight chest, the pains in the chest, my body feels so stiff I think it’s going to seize up. I get numbness over my body, I sweat so much.. bit gross, my muscles hurt alot sometimes.. that’s what leads me to believe its something else.. its hard to believe that mental health can make you feel so awful! Physically! Im just so fatigued all the time, tired and so angry. I can’t relax my body or my mind. I’m terrified of just dropping into a heap, I’ve never fainted before but I’m terrified of it happening! Loud noises startle me and I’m on edge all of the time. It’s like I have to be ready for an emergency, but when it happens im so not ready for it.. so I panic.. I havn’t been out with my friends for months. I don’t really like to be on my own, in case I have a “funny turn”, I’ve lost my independence.. and i just became a more confident person. I was happy with the person I was, where I was in my life.. and then the biggest set back i couldn’t even imagine! I’ve always been painfully shy! my job really helped with learning how to speak to people. It was only shop work, but i was good at it (even if I did leave, before all this happened) I’ve never been a happy-go-lucky type person. but i learned to let things go..i was very laid back. I never talked about my problems.. I’d keep everything to myself. Now, I’ve learned I cant do that anymore. It’s not nice to know there are so many others going through the same thing, but it helps to know even though you feel so alone, there are people who know how you feel. I just have to learn to be the person I was again. And better!

  39. kate 30 May 2011 Reply


    I’ve had 2 “attacks” in the past few months (and countless small episodes) both I believe to have been triggered by periods of high stress. (All thought to be perfectly honest I really think I have a brain tumour or something and the GP’s are just saying it’s anxiety to avoid more tests.)

    I have had

    *The sensation that my heart has stopped beating, or is beating too slowly
    * Light-headedness esp in the very top of my head. Feel like I’m just going to konk out, like a light going off rather than drowsiness.
    *Noises seem louder and lights seems brighter
    * Fever
    * Nausea
    *Feeling of being detached from reality
    *Certainty that I’m ill or hat I’m going to die
    *Shakes and sweats
    *Fear of flying

    A lot of my symptoms are actually the opposite of the symptoms listed for panic/anxiety and it makes me wonder whether the diagnosis is correct.


  40. brian dawson 4 June 2011 Reply

    Hi To all

    Just joined this site, something I swore I would never do, as the one thing you never need with this awful condition is a reminder of it, but sometimes you just need to know that its not just you.
    I have been here since I was 17 really, on and off, had some great gaps in my 20s and 30s but it all came back when I was 39 and the business went down, and its not gone away, that was 2 and a half years ago, and I really struggle with it all the time, I know the way out but need to find the path again which is the hard bit. I have a beautiful wife and 2 great boys, and I fight for them really, my wife started with awful panic attacks 3 years ago and I think that dragged me back down, but we fight for each other and the boys as best we can.

    Tonight I was having my daliy heart attack, and trying to find a distraction, but just could not beat the intensity of it all so ended up panicing and wanting to head off to hospital, when I suddenly stopped and managed to refocus. I sat down and here I am. Does anyone else have this awful heart thing? every single day without fail at some point I will get it, a suden chill or shiver, followed by pain in my chest, my heart races and the pain gets worse, I can’t breath, the panic starts…. awful. No matter how many times I have this, no matter how often I tell myself its just anx, I can’t stop it, can’t convince myself, why?
    I just don’t understand. It has not always been this way, in the past I have had every single manifestation of this horrible thing, really I could list them all, from the usual going mad, to light flashes in your eyes, to tinnitus, to the really strange like head zaps, and depersonilisation, the one where you speak but it feels like you never said the words, horrible, to well just about every other thing possible, I was just reading Kates comments above, and yes Kate, all very common, I hate the slow heart thing, its better racing I think! at least then you know its still beating… so if you need to know just ask.
    Reading comments on the advice of doctors, I must say I have never in all the years I have suffered with this found one who really understands and really cares, I just don’t think unless you have experianced it first hand can you comprehend what it really feels like. To most we are just annoying, we keep coming back and theres nothing they can do. Don’t know if anyone has had much success with CBT? it works with some not with others depends on how well you can control the negitive mind, the what ifs etc
    But just to finish off on a positive, you will get out of it, that I can gurantee you, if a 17 year old who did not even know what he had, who’s mother told him not to go to the doctors because they would put him in the asylum, and who was convinced he was going insane can find the path out, YOU CAN! it takes time and effort, but keep fighting and you will see the light, Remember distraction is the key, not tolerance, you don’t need to tollerate it. Take care.

  41. Pat 6 June 2011 Reply

    Hi everyone – what a brill site, first time I’ve come across it. I have had GAD for years, sometimes it is easier than others, sometimes it is worse. I am on venlafaxine for anxiety/depression which can help to take the edge of the symptoms. Trouble is life events will break through that safety net – I am due to be made redundant in three weeks, and I can feel the symptoms creeping up on me again. It is partly due to GAD that I am being made redundant – sickness records played a large part in the criteria which they used to choose people. I don’t know how I will feel when the day finally comes, what is worse at the moment is coping with going into work for the last few weeks, churning stomach is starting up, waking up every morning feeling terrified of the day and wanting just to fall back into sleep again, jelly legs, tension headaches, sweaty palms, difficulty in concentrating. One of the worst side effects is that I find I am hopeless at job interviews, as no matter how much I prepare, all the above symptoms kick in once I get in the interview room. Vicious circle as I must get another job as can’t afford not to. I have had specific counselling for anxiety after a nervous breakdown several years ago, which helped at the time, but it was a very long process – I don’t have time!!

    I am aware that my symptoms are anxiety, but it’s very difficult to rise above them (as members of this community will know). Anyway, what I wanted to say was that one of the best books I have ever come across for self help for anxiety is ‘Self Help for your Nerves’ for Dr Claire Weekes (look for it on Amazon and read the reviews). Like getting into a lovely warm bath of support.

    I hope everyone who has posted on this site has got the help that they need, if not – try the above. I lent my copy to my daughter, so will need to get it back for this new emergency. Also try and keep your sense of humour, and remember that most symptoms are invisible and can’t be seen by others, so they won’t know your stomach is churning or that you have jelly legs. Now … if I could just persuade my mouth to work and words to come out properly instead of getting stuck …. I might succeed in one of these interviews. Meanwhile, just got to get through the next few weeks somehow.

  42. 11 June 2011 Reply

    Hi just over a year ago I was lying in bed waiting to go to sleep when my body went out of control my heart beat was racing and I thought I was having a heart attack my wife called 999 the ambulance arrived wired me up but said I was fine after 3 more attacks and 3 more visits from the Paramedics I was told to see my GP.I was told I was suffering from Anxiety caused by stress from that point on my whole life has changed at the age of 36 , I have learnt many techniques from my Counciler which has helped me cope with alot of it and i am on beta blockers and a anti depresent to keep me in control.
    I still have pains in my legs,arms and chest and I believe that I am going to Die with some kind of major illness ie heart attack,brain tumour,cancer.The most important thing that I believe in is that 1 day I will be free of this and I can leave a normal life again and without a doubt the biggest support I got was from my Wife,Family,Counciler and sites like this one where you can get help from the people that no all about it including us the sufferers.
    My Regards go out to all of you and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel believe in yourself

  43. Charlie 14 June 2011 Reply

    I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and started drinking at a very early age to cope. I have only realised in the past few years that it is anxiety I suffer from. I constantly feel uptight and panicky. I rarely can relax, without drugs or alcohol. I am always moody and extremely tired through poor sleep. My mother is also a terribly worrier and my sister has lost her entire head of hair aged 30 due to stress.

    I have had so many jobs but never feel happy in them. My last proper job resulterd in me being off work sick and confined to my flat for two months with panic. I cannot leave the house on any day without extreme time to psych myself up and prepare myself physically and mentally. I cannot do any of the things I wuld like to do, like meeting friends or going shopping without feelings of dread consuming me.

    I have started a new job a couple of months ago and am already panicking and wanting to leave. I am hoping to have children soon but I am terrified that I will be an awful, negligent mother who is consumed by herself and her neuroses.

    Feeling so miserable it’s untrue! And I have had around 24 months of psychotherapy, 6 months of CBT and am on anti-depressants. Thanks.

  44. Caomihe 19 June 2011 Reply

    I am 33 yrs old,in the same boat as u,and tld it anxiety,i do wnder can anxiety do al tis 2people,it wit me constant pains everwhere,it a nitemare,gt 2ecgs,echo,xray al clear,i feel 4 u,take care

    • Diane Huddle 22 September 2011 Reply

      I am no expert on the matter , but Adrenalin pumps around the body with sufferers of Gad ,everything goes into overdrive.My thought patterns are rapid too.With Anxiety comes tension , this is why your muscles ache , because your muscles are tense .Warm baths and massaging the body helps immensely .

  45. Lucy 27 June 2011 Reply

    I feel almost exactly like you. It would be nice to have someone to talk to who understands, if you want to chat?

    Lucy x

    • DIANE 7 November 2011 Reply

      Lucy , and Justine , and everyone .Has any one taken steps to help themselves ? .Justine , Have you sort help from your Doctor ? .To admin , I cant figure out how to private message , do i need to become a paid member ?

      • Tracey 11 November 2011 Reply

        hello, i’d have a chin wag, be great to discuss with others exactly what we are going through. facebook?

        • Diane Huddle 17 November 2011 Reply

          Any personal details giving here will be deleted , and i cant fathom out how to private message .Can you private message me ?I cannot express enough the importance of seeking help .
          I d love to have a chin wag on face book .
          To the guys and girls that monitor this here , How do i private message ? .Do you have a face book page ?

  46. lisamac 28 June 2011 Reply

    I have been reading the comments on this site and finally i feel like you all feel the same as I do. I have never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and I am to scared to speak to a GP as I have had such horrible experiences in the past. I feel i have always had issues with anxiety it is so easily dismissed as nothing by people. But recently it has gotten so bad that i dont feel im coping anymore. These extreme feeling’s of anxiety began as i was finishing my postgraduate so i attributed my stress to that. But now thats over and the stress hasn’t gone away. I always focus on the factor i feel stressed about rationalising that if i just sort that then i will feel fine. But it never changes the anxiety never goes away. I get constant headaches, stomach issues, numbness in my hands and feet, i never get a good nights sleep, i have constant nausea, and have issues with concentrating, i also have constant muscle aches and pain. My body feels like its wound up ready to snap. As i said i dont even know if this is all down to anxiety but im getting desperate i have a loving supportive partner but even he has a breaking point, the way i feel all the time is really taking a toll on him. I really want help not just for me but for him to. I have know-one else to discuss this with as he is the only one who will even acknowledge that there is something wrong. All of my friends an family just tell m about how they have stress and worry too, and how i just need to get a grip. But its not as easy as that. I cant even describe to them what it feels like to be lost in this anxiety tornado, to be so stressed and worried over the tiniest thing or irrational thing. Sorry i know i have rambled on i dont even know what my point is maybe it was nice to get it all of my chest.

  47. sheila 8 July 2011 Reply

    I have a real problem with mornings. I wake up and feel terrified about how i will get through the day. I am then sick and feel really scared. Sometimes i wish i could just drop down with a heart attack. This will put an end to my fear. I always feel better, in fact normal after 7pm and i cant believe i felt so bad in the morning. Does anyone else feel suicidal with anxiety. I am not sure if its depression or anxiety. Am starting cbt on monday and hope this will help me get a grip.;

    • anon 11 July 2011 Reply

      Hi Sheila,

      Suicidal thoughts are something that many people with anxiety experience. Usually if they do feel suicidal they can have thoughts that they don’t want to go on because it is so difficult being anxious all the time so you are not on your own there. The CBT you are going through should really help, it is great for GAD. Remember if you do ever feel suicidal and think you might want to take action on your thoughts you can see a professional anytime by going to A+E or calling 999/ NHS Direct (0845 46 47). There is also the samaritans available 24/7 – 08457 909090, they can provide you with support if you need it. Just remember anxiety is treatable and there is a whole community of people on here who can help if you need it, and you can always call our helpline on 08444 775 774 mOn – Fri 9.30 – 5.30 if you want to talk to someone who understands.

      Best wishes and good luck with your treatment.

      Cat (Anxiety UK)

  48. jane 10 July 2011 Reply

    i feel the same mornings are my worst too i think its because we go to bed worrying that we are going to wake like this and we do. has there been a trigger for your anxiety i keep having real;ly horrible low back pain and when i get up it really hurts so i start worrying and the anxiety kicks in again. i feel sick i gag for ages. the feeling is so frightening isnt it. are you on medication mushroom, im scared of anti d,s ive taken them before and i got worse so i wont do it again. i dont know how to keep fighting this im waiting for cbt and so hope it works for me. my thoughts are with you i understand exactly how you feel xxx

    • anon 11 July 2011 Reply

      Hi Jane,

      I know how difficult it can be when you are feeling anxious all the time, but stick with it; your CBT should really help. If you need any extra support feel free to email or call our helpline on 08444 775 774.

      Best wishes

      Cat (Anxiety UK)

  49. Lottie 10 July 2011 Reply

    Evenings used to be my worst time for panic, as I would be alone and feel very isolated and cut off. I felt i had nobody to contact and nobody ever bothered with me, so I would just feel hateful. At work I would go for a cigarette break and nearly pass out on my way back into the office for panic. I had extreme palpitations, tensiuion headaches lasting anything upto one month and had during a previous episode suffered with stomach pains so severe I would be doubled up in agony for hours on end..

    I had therapy once a fortnight for around 18 months and this hugely helped, as it helped me come to terms with the reasons for my anxieties and enabled me to somewhat understanbd it and control it.

    Also changing my job was key, as I had financially been trapped in it, but summoned the courage to leave and this did me the world of good. I have a new job and the routine really helps but it is less stressful so doesn’t play havoc with my worrying.

    I have also been on ‘antidepressants’ for about 12 months now without a break. They are ones specifically for anxiety and were about the third knd i tried initially. The first ones I were on helped, but i felt ok and ended them too soon when really i wasn’t ready. My GP and I finally found ones which suited me. It wasn’t easy, but in the most severe case of your anxiety, sorting out medication that works is really the key priority, as once your anxiety is under control to the point where you can brush your hair and leave the house, then other things should follow on.

    I am truly in a far better place today than I was two years ago. I am now looking to wean off my tablets in the next 3-6 months. I had some CBT also,personally I struggled to engage with it, but my sister and another firend of mine swear by it, so I guess everyone is different.

    Good luck. The battle goes on but small victories can make it all worthwhile

  50. Twinkle 22 July 2011 Reply

    I feel for you. I’ve been suffering something very similar (also several visits to A&E and call outs of paramedics). And you do feel like you’re going potty. I think mine have been triggered by experience of bereavement after long term illness and then loss of much loved home (I have a thing about having my own space!). And perimenopause seems just to make it worse as my whole hormone system (insulin, adrenaline, oestrogen) is up the creek. Don’t want to take drugs as they can exacerbate things (thought of symptoms getting worse for three weeks before getting better is offputting to say the least). Have always been a bit on the stressy and nerve prone side but the panic attacks are now random and the symptoms (ectopic heartbeat and adrenaline rushes, hot flashes, anxiety dreams, fizzing in feet and flashing at borders of vision) are more severe. Managing to hang on to normal life by fingertips – still getting to work and seeing friends, planning to do an MA in the autumn – by mix of shiatsu and just sitting it out, but it means life isn’t half so much fun as it should be. Try and hang on, see it through, tomorrow is another day despite the fact it feels like you might not make it that far. And thanks for sharing – sometimes reading these pieces is the only way I can rationalise and calm down. It’s hard, because I live alone and the pusscats just don’t get it!

  51. Louise 26 July 2011 Reply

    I went to the docs today, I’ve been suffering with symptoms since my daughter was born 18 months ago. It came to a head a few days ago when I had another terrifying shortness of breath episode whilst sat on the sofa doing nothing. My head constantly feels like my brain is too big for it, my left eye is blurry constantly, I feel sick most the time and and cannot finish a meal (so unlike me) and my heart beats so fast for short episodes, I’m scared it’s going to stop working. Irrational I know. My mouth is dry, and no food tastes like it should. Im achy all over, and have not had a period for 7 months now. There are a few events in my life that I cannot control that I believe have caused/are causing me to feel like this, so I’m just going to have to work through it. Scary, when I’m alone with my baby daughter most days with no family or friends. THe doctor today diagnosed Anxiety due to stress, and sent me for an ECG and numerous blood tests of which Im waiting for the result. She mentioned medication is probably the option to consider, but I’m so reluctant to take anything as I want to be totally coherent for my daughter. It’s a vicious circle that is making me worse, Just finding this webpage and reading that I’m not alone has helped me tonight. Thankyou

    • Charlotte Maslin 27 July 2011 Reply

      So sorry you’ve been going through such a rough time Louise. I can’t imagine how hard it must be, and it sounds like you are really pulling through for your baby in spite of everything. .

      It sounds like you are very isolated and with little emotional or practical support. I think getting out and about would really be able to help you now. My friends with small children have really reccommended their local children’s centres, where you may be able to meet friends who you can go shopping with or for coffee’s or walks, even swimming. That may sound completely impossible right now?

      I hope the physical symptoms ease off. I have to say that I am now a believer in a combination of therapy and medication. I was once stauntly against meds, but now I have experienced being on them, I can say they did assist in pulling me out of a dark hole. It is important to find a good combination though with your GP, which is suited to you, and also to do your own research online. It is unlikely you would be incoherent from meds, but that’s not to say there wouldn’t be any side effects. GP’s usually reccommend something mild to just alleviate the most serious symptoms and enable you to stop ‘the fear’ and panic that consume most of us suffering with anxiety.

      Keep talking on here, and to your GP. There are various sources of support out there and hopefully in your local community. You will come out of this.

    • territorevell 28 July 2011 Reply

      Hello Louise. I feel for you as I had similar difficulties when my son was born. There is a conditon called post-natal anxiety that is totally different from post-natal depression and it might be worth you looking for informaiton about this. There is a web-page on the AUK website ( Medication can help but I understand your reluctance. The most helpful thing I’ve since learned is that you are not on your own and it does not make you a bad mother. You’ll get through it.
      Terri, Anxiety UK

      • Louise 28 July 2011 Reply

        Hi Terri, yes I was wondering about that condition. I’m going to read up on it tonight.

        You’re so right about not wanting to be seen as a bad mother, that fueled my reluctance to seek help before now.

        Charlotte, getting out and about is so so hard..I know I should, and I promise myself I will. Then I fail. I used to run 5 miles a day before my daughter came along, I miss it terribly but cannot summon up the energy to do so.

        THanks for both leaving replies, I’m back at the doctors Tuesday so will update after then.

        All the best, L x

        • Louise 5 August 2011 Reply

          Me again. I went back to the docs & she wants to do further ecg test which means being admitted to hosp. I can’t do this as there is no one to look after my daughter. Since then, my right arm is constantly cold, and the fingers are icy and tingly/numb. Is this a symptom you get also?

          My point for posting is, do any of you ave any alternative methods/remedies you’ve tried that have worked? I’ve read so much about over the counter drugs and I’m sceptical that any actually work.

          Thanks, Louise

  52. Adam 4 August 2011 Reply

    Hi, im 26 years old and have suffered with anxiety and the odd panic attack for about 8 years. Over the last few months i have also been diagnosed with Depression. Every day for no reason i wake up with a feeling that i am taking an exam or am in trouble, that sick anxious feeling every minute of the day for no reason with irregulart heartbeats and i will brake down and cry every day for no reason except im sick of feeling this way. Could this be depression & GAD? Any answer or info is appreciated…..

  53. Jaya 5 August 2011 Reply

    I am sat in my living room beating myself up about things I have done, not done, mislaid, and worrying about the outcome of them all. I felt really happy the other day for the first time in months/years and when I recognised the feeling of happiness it’s like my brain kicked in and dragged up mistakes I have made and I began to worry about them. At night, I mither until I eventually drift off, then when I wake (early) it’s the first thing I think of. Does anyone else do this? I was trying to explain to my best mate how it feels- the best I could do was someone squeezing the inside of my chest, or a ton weigh on my heart (she was worried I might be having heart problems, and didn’t understand it wasn’t like that) and feeling not in your own body. You can’t stop thinking about that issue and when you eventually talk yourself out of it and try to rationalise it, something else pop’s up to worry about it.You know it’s all so irrational but you can’t stop.It stops me believing in myself or thinking I have any worth.
    I seem to have intense episodes like now and but often it is like something bubbling up inside everyday and whispering in my ear ‘what about this you didn’t do, yet another thing you are bad at, think of everyone you are letting down, you’ll get the sack you know, everything bad that ever happened- it’s all your fault, and think of the knock on effects, and you left that window open, what if this happened, that’s your fault too, no one else is as stupid or incompetent…’ Sometimes you can feel strong enough to push them back down but sometimes it takes over a little and stays a while. Does anyone else recognise this/feel this kind of thing too?

  54. Jaya 5 August 2011 Reply

    Should have said, i have had the physical effects such which have been listed on here. I just wish there was a switch in the brain so you could switch off the constant thinking. That would be good.

  55. Robert 6 August 2011 Reply

    I have been diagnosed with high anxiety and had it for about 10 months now, im always worrying about things that people say is very very irrational and if it wasn’tfor my girlfriendi don’t know what iwould do, i feel alot better reading these posts seeing it’s not just me, i get these symptoms such as palputations, shaking , breathlessness, general fatigue, lack of interest to do anything, no appetite, feeling that im not myself and my limbs acheing and thought can the mind be this powerful? to cause so much disruption but clearly it is heart vs head, my mind is winning the battle but hope you guys all resolve the irritating problem of anxiety

  56. Emma 8 August 2011 Reply

    This is exactly how its been for me. Its got worse over the past two months and i’m even worried about leaving my own home. I’ve also been rushed to emergency twice now as it felt like was having a heart attack and again i’ve also had many ECG’s. I feel like i have no one to talk to as no one listens and they think i’m being stupid or after attention. All i really want to do is cry. I also have a little girl and i’m a single mother so I have to struggle with this and try and do everything best by my daughter. I honestly feel like i’m breaking down day by day and I just want to be strong for her. I hope you’ve managed to cope with it as I’ve just noticed your post is over a year old. I’m going to the doctor soon so I just hope they can help.

    • Diane Huddle 22 September 2011 Reply

      I when having GAD wake with my heart pumping , that’s when i know i need help .I am not an advocate of medicine , but there is help out there. Usually this can come with depression .

    • Diane Huddle 17 October 2011 Reply

      Emma ..YOU MUST APPROACH YOUR DOCTOR !!! .There is help out there ! .My GAD is under control with medication.Feeling ” CALM ” is so very precious .
      See it as an emergency ( dont call 999 thou ),but seek help as a matter of urgency !!

      • Justine 31 October 2011 Reply

        Hi Diane,
        I have read your post saying YOU MUST APPROACH YOUR DOCTOR.
        I have never sought medical help and i am slowly getting worse.
        I recently moved house and so i need to register with a new doctor, i am just so scared of talking to them because i am scared that they will think my worrys are pathetic.
        I am not sure how to expalin how i feel, any help woould be much apprecited.

        • Diane Huddle 3 November 2011 Reply

          Tell me how you feel ? .Are you down ? nervous ? panicky ? heart racing ? .tense ? .Are you like it all day ? .How long has this been going on for , weeks , months ? .Do you have negative thoughts ? .These thoughts blight your day to day living .!
          Do not feel weak and a failure , this is a common condition , your GP is there to help you . They will not think you pathetic , trust me , if it is getting worse , your Dr can help , and you NEED help .It can initially be controlled ( maybe with a medicine ) , then you could have therapy, and learn relaxation techniques . PLEASE PLEASE GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR …SEEK HELP .. BE STRONG XX

          It does not mean medicine will be giving to you , that for the Gp to decide .

      • Brenda Bradley 11 January 2012 Reply

        I’d like to say that there is NO help out there. Ive had depression and anxiety again for 18 mths. Changes doctors and still no help!

        • Anxiety UK Volunteer 11 January 2012 Reply

          Hi Brenda,

          I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not been getting help from your GP, it must be a difficult and frustrating time for you, but there is help available. Anxiety UK offer therapy services that you may be interested in, information can be found at . You can also call our helpline on 08444 775 774 if you would like to speak to someone.

          Best wishes

          Neil (Anxiety UK Helpline Volunteer)

        • kate 11 January 2012 Reply

          I too have given up trying to get help. I have dosulepin for depression and Promazine to help with anxiety but nothing helps really. Anxiety is soul destroying.

          • Anxiety UK Volunteer 13 January 2012

            I’m sorry to hear this, but if this is something that affects your life and holds you back then you shouldn’t give up. Have you tried the therapies available to you? There are many people who find that therapy helps more than medication however this is of course entirely up to the individual. We have many therapies on offer from us at a subsidised rate that can be found here although you must be a member if you want to use these services. I hope that you find something that can help you and you can always call our helpline 08444 775 774 to discuss options futher if you wish to take them.

            Best wishes

          • Anxiety UK Volunteer 13 January 2012

            Hi Kate

            Anxiety is often the result of irrational thoughts/beliefs/fear and negative thinking. These thoughts can alter our behaviours, moods and feelings, and trigger our bodies to react. If you want to manage the anxiety and depression, you really need to address these thoughts and behaviour properly. Managing anxiety and depression is also about having faith in yourself and those who are helping and supporting you, and staying positive and proactive and do not give up. You can’t expect a therapist or other professionals to come knock on your door, you need to reach for them and get help yourself. Medication can only address these symptoms caused by anxiety and depression without really treating the anxiety and depression.


  57. Susan 16 August 2011 Reply

    Suzanna – I can totally sympathise. I have exactly the same as you – same symptoms and same history of hospitals. It is so debilitating. I saw a new doctor today who was angry noone had helped me before and I now have a referal to an anxiety clinic. Good luck to you

  58. Danielle 18 August 2011 Reply

    Hi everyone, ive been reading your comments and its good to know im not alone. im only 19 and was working full time in Debenhams when i had to leave a couple of months ago as i thought i was ill and kept having heart palpertations i kept going back and forth to the doctors but they didnt know what it was my mum and dad then paid for me to get a health check done nothing came up then on my birthday (20th of june)i sat down with my mum in bits and told her i dont know what is wrong with me i can’t go on so i had an emergancy appointment that day with the doctors i was in a terriable state shaking feeling like i was going to be sick.. the doctor put me on 50mg of sertraline and diazepam. ive been on it since then and have okay ish days and bad days but my mum is going on holiday tomorrow only for a week but its making me so anxious and i don’t know how i will cope on my own 🙁

  59. Brian 18 August 2011 Reply

    Hey you

    I,ve been there, its an awful place, but let me tell you this, your 19 years old, your young, fit, and healthy, even if you don’t feel it right now. It got me when I was the same age as you, I thought I was going mad, I went from being a normal outgoing 19 year old, to being petrified of being alone, and even with others I was just a horible shaky jelly most of the time, my heart beat scared me silly, I went back and forth to the docs, the hospital, and everywhere else I could, or thought I could get help, but every test said I was OK which I know now I was, and so are you. The way out is to find something else to fill your mind, something more than just work or mates, you need to find an obsession, something you love, something so engrossing it fills your world, for me it was Photograpy, for my sister (who also suffered terribly) it was acting, its normaly something creative, I think its because the emotional side of your inteligence is bored, so its started playing games to occupy its self. I know that sounds weird, but beleive me its not, the mind is an amazing thing, that can do amazing things, but if your not using it to your full potential it can be hard to live with. I am guessing your a bright person, but not doing a lot right now, or maybe you never really found your place, well the anx is telling you to find something to exercise your mind. You will get out of that place, you just need to try, but (in my view) watch the meds, there horible and can make you alot worse in the long run, Anx is not an illness its a condition of the mind, not a malfunction, just bad beliefs really and meds can’t fix that. Stay strong, grit your teeth and go for something you want to do big style, honestly you won’t regret it

    best wishes

  60. Bernie 22 August 2011 Reply

    I have been suffering with gad for 7 years now, i didnt realise so many people had it and if id of known this i wouldnt of suffered in slience for so long. I feel like im going out of my mind and thinking irrationally all the time and to add to this my memory is shocking and my mind feels clouded over, i felt that if i told anybody this they would think i was crazy. It got to a point where i just couldnt cope anymore with the feeling of pins and needles in my head all the time and sadly had to end another relationship with the most wonderful man. It took its toll last week when i was in work and collapsed with mental exhaustion, it was then i realised i couldnt do it on my own anymore so ive told my closest friends and my sister and they have been so supportive and understanding and have all thought it is an awful thing to go through and all they want to do is help me get over this so i can live a normal life and be happy. I stupidly under estimated my friends and family but i feel so much better now they know and that im not on my own suffering. I have now seen my GP and yes im on a waiting list to get professional help but a few months is nothing compared to trying to cope with this for seven years on my own. I hope people with this illness will read this and learn by my mistake (NOT TO SUFFER IN SILENCE).

    • Volunteer 22 August 2011 Reply

      Hi Bernie

      Glad you have taken the first step towards overcoming GAD. Just to let you know that we also offer therapy service at reduced rates and referral normally takes upto 2 weeks. You can find out what help is available to you here


  61. Anonymous 25 August 2011 Reply

    i feel for all of you. I have been dealing with it for the past 2 years. My mind Rampages through the past to find memories to upset me and especially to make me feel guilty. It’s irrational these doubts and worries and guilt. I think of you and pray for all of us to get better. One day will be well, let us all keep optimistic, positive, and talk it out to people and doctors we trust who are competent and know this condition. I love you all

  62. Sam 25 August 2011 Reply

    I have been suffering from anxiety for the past two years. I have been rummaging through my memories looking for upsetting ones that come with torturing guilt and doubts. You are not alone my friends. I pray for all of you to feel better and beat this irrational thoughts. We are good people and God is looking after us and knows our sufferings, doubts, and sickness. He is the healer and the big forgiver. Reading your comments made me feel better. Stay positive. I love you all. Stay strong and speak it out to people you trust and knowledgeable doctors.

  63. rob 27 August 2011 Reply

    I’m not suffering from GAD, but I believe my wife is. I have tried to read where I can about the symptoms and trigger stressors, and I am beginning to see a pattern going back throughout our marriage and before that almost to her childhood. It got a lot worse after we relocated for her job which caused her so many problems for 3 years, thankfully she managed to change her job but I began to see the pattern arising again. Having a 15 month disabled baby has merely added fuel to the situation. I wish there was a way I could get her to see someone about all of this as things have become so bad that we are facing divorce. I know this may sound selfish but if you suffer from GAD you need to find support and help because the effects could damage your relationships.

  64. Stacey 31 August 2011 Reply

    I’m crying writing this because I’m sick of feeling like this. I’ve been to A&E loads of times had ecg’s and blood test. they said they came back fine, but I feel like I’m going to die from a blood clot thats going to casue an heart attack. I find it so hard to sleep at night for the fear of dying and being alone and no one here to help. every slight pain or twitch i think its going to lead to me dying. I’ve had all the symptoms possible ! 03:42 in the morning I cant sleep! I’m having pains light head, twitches, fast heart everything! i constantly where ever iam i feel for my pulse

    i recently went to Turkey with my friend for a 11 nights. i arrived a day late because i was in A&E and i came home three days early because i could not cope with being over there and the thought of dying ! I feel so guilty that that my friend had her holiday ruined because of me!.

    It might sound like I’m depressed, but I don’t feel depressed! I love life and friends and family. i panic a lot. If my dad is late coming home i think he’s had an accident. my mum and dad and little brother have loads of health problems and i dread phone calls or letters in case its from hospital or doctors with bad news.

    my GP is really nice and he said it is GAD ! I’m 19 I’m s’pose to be having the time of my life! I think I need to speak to people that understand and are going through the same thing. I would loveto hear your thoughts…… I’m sorry I’ve gone on.

    • Erin 1 September 2011 Reply

      Stacey – hang in there. I’m 25 and have suffered from GAD for years without realising what was wrong with me. I got to the stage it sounds like your at now, last year. I just couldn’t function, I wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the world, I was having constant panic attacks and felt like I was going to go insane if I wasn’t already. What I will say to you is that it is so good you went to your GP, I went and they put me on antidepressants and put me on a list for CBT. I’ve now completed both and am feeling loads better. I won’t lie, it’s not an easy road and you will probably always have a level of anxiety in your life but it does become manageable and doesn’t have to stop you having a normal life. Things won’t always be as bad as they are now I promise!!

      • Volunteer 2 September 2011 Reply

        Hi Erin

        It is very nice of you to share your experience with us. Indeed, overcoming anxiety is a long and difficult path. However, with the right professional support, you can learn to manage your anxiety. Managing anxiety is all about self helping techniques and also having faith in your GP/therapist and also yourself. For more information about the help and support available to you, please take a look at our Get Help session. Remember you can always call us on our helpline to speak to one of our helpline volunteers.


  65. Erin 1 September 2011 Reply

    Reading these posts it’s like I’ve written some of them. I was diagnosed with GAD a year ago and have spent the last year on antidepressants as well as undergoing CBT. I’ve now finished both and do feel a lot better for it although there is a level of anxiety that never goes away. What I find confusing is that everything I’ve read seems to suggest that GAD is curable – I don’t agree, I think you have to find a way of managing it but sometimes it is bound to spill over. What I also find very frustrating is that people just don’t understand. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that Depression is much more socially acceptable but if you tell someone you have an Anxiety disorder they almost roll there eyes. I was recently having a discussion with some close friends where we discussed our good points and our bad points. My friends bad points were that one of them talked too much and hogged the conversation, the other was that they were sometimes too laid back, when it came to me it was that I am an ‘anxious person’. I felt like I’d been smacked in the face. To me it just showed that they don’t understand at all, anxiety is not something I can control. I don’t have a choice as to whether I am anxious or not – I just have to find a way of making it manageable. I’m sorry for ranting but as is commonplace with GAD, this has been going over and over in my head since it was said. But reading these posts just shows me that I am not alone and I don’t know about you but that was my biggest fear – that I was alone in this and just nuts.

  66. vicki clark 3 September 2011 Reply

    hi i wanted to say that this is just how i feel alot of the time my anxiety comes and goes in waves . at the moment it is bad i wake up feelin wired ,my eyes are sore from lack of sleep , my mouth is dry all the time i feel like there are dangers everywhere and taht i am the worst person in the world . i hav 3 kids and 3 step kids so i soldier on i hav seen the gp and had several bouts of counselling and take Sertraline at present which were working but seem to have lost effectiveness now i just want a magic cure so i can get on and enjoy my life for a change

  67. Sarah 12 September 2011 Reply

    Hi, i think this may be what i am suffering from. Ive probably had it all my life as ive always been a worrier, ever since i was a child, and to be honest, now that i have discovered this page it seems that more and more of the things i have dealt with on a daily basis are more than silly things as i kept telling myself. I have always been very worried about upsetting people, or being ill or unhealthy and also about going out where there are crowds of people, small spaces or being wrong about something. Over the last year this seems to have gotten much worse for me, i am avoiding situations where there would be lots of people, and also situations where i would have to meet new people, such as my other halfs family, im not sleeping very well, have problems dropping off, seems like i am tossing and turning half the night away,i get more stressed when i have no choice but to meet new people, or even people i dont know well, like doctors or teachers, and over the last year i have also developed a sensation of a lump in the throat. You can imagine what that did to me, endless panic over what it could be, but the ent i saw checked me over and said there was nothing to be concerned about, as soon as i left the office my throat tightened up again and hasnt gone down since.
    I have never been able to relax, i am always very tense and on the edge, and also very emotional, the smallest things can set me off, and i really do feel alone, and i also feel daft for feeling this way and it just seems like one vicious circle to me, i care for my mum, and i have a daughter so i keep going, and i do throw myself into some situations when i dont have a choice, public transport is a tough one, i hate it, i try to avoid it at all times, i just want to feel better again, but i worry about going to the doctors and telling him what i think it is, as i worry he will just scoff at me and tell me to stop worrying…. no pun intended there. Honest.


  68. Adam 15 September 2011 Reply


    I have been on a 7 day heart rate monitor and tests came back ok. I was sitting down most of the 7 days feeling sorry for myself.
    I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, GAD i think!
    My problem is when i check my pulse (which is a lot) i notice irreglar heart beats e.g. fast, slow, fast, slow etc within seconds. I always seem to be in normal heart rate range when im sitting *60-80 beats per min) but as soon as i stand it stays about 120 beats per minute. Can this really be anxiety, do i have a heart problem? has ANYONE else had this or something simular?

    I really really look forward to all of your feed back.

    Many thanks,


  69. Adam 15 September 2011 Reply

    ….also, if your anxiety makes your heart rate stay up, can this cause weight lose? I have lost nearly half a stone in 2 months.

  70. Sarah 16 September 2011 Reply

    If you’ve been on a 7 day heart moniter with no bad test results then i think its safe to say that its not a problem with your heart. Ive had a similar problem, and ive also noticed that if i pay too much attention to my heart rate then i can make it go up just by thinking about it. You start worrying that its so fast, and then it gets faster. I got diagnosed yesterday, but ive had several ect’s in my life, because i kept having anxiety attacks which made my heart race, or skip a few beats but nothing was found. So now im trying to ignore it.
    Your weight loss could be due to worrying so much, you eat less, you dont relax you stress all the time, all these things will lead to weightloss. I think ive had anxiety all my life, but its only just gotten to the point where ive thought there was something wrong with me, namely a lump in my throat that wouldnt go away, and i know where you’re coming from, thinking that the tests are wrong, because its how you feel every day, it doesnt feel like something that can simply be explained away by anxiety, i was convinced that the ent had got it wrong, but the truth is he was right, there is nothing wrong with my throat, other than the fact that i am so anxious all the time that it constricts, and the worse it gets, the more i think about it and vice versa.
    Try some cammomile tea, i got some yesterday and it really helps! I felt so relaxed, and i slept easier too 🙂

  71. anne 21 September 2011 Reply

    Hi everyone

    No ones posted for a long time, so i just wanted to let you know my experiance
    basicly iv always had anxiety but never knew it until i was diegnosed in 2009 after having CBT for a needle phobia, i just thought i thought about things too much, at least thats what everyone told me.

    Im not going to go into all the details but i have experainced everything everyone has said, even getting to the point where i thought id have to end my life to end the worry!

    Then last year i started playing roller derby. It took alot to even turn up at the first session i was terrified, but as some of you have said, you have to face the fear and do it anyway.

    Im so glad i did. I never had any friends before i joined my team so never had anyone to talk too, which only made things worse.
    One night during training i had an attack which was so bad i passed out.

    I told my team what was happening with me and to my suprise almost half of the team admitted to having suffered similar issues.

    This declaration from my team really helped me cope with my GAD and made me feel i was no longer lone.

    One of the things i really took from my CBT was the adrenaline associated with the condition.
    When you have an attack your body is flooded with it ignoghting the flight or fight instinct, heart palpatations, and then the tierdness that follows.

    My therapist told me that excersise helps disperse the adrenaline and releases good hormones into the system which can improve mental health, and she was right.

    It took a whole load of strength to attend my first training session, but iv not looked back since.
    Iv met ppl who are the same as me, iv made friends, become fit and not had a serious episode since january 2011.

    Dont feel like life has to be lived in a constent state or worry because it doesnt, there is help and support out there and not nesserseraly in the places you think it is.

  72. Diane Huddle 22 September 2011 Reply

    What is Cbt ? .Your thoughts are how mine can be , very negative , and usually at a quick pace .Try talking to yourself , replace the bad thought with a good one .Say it out loud if you have too .When you feel your thought pattern slipping , think positive things .I know its not easy , but it will help .Meditating helps calm the mind too .

  73. Kate G 25 September 2011 Reply

    Hi Sheila. That is the same for me too. The mornings are hellish but by about 5.30pm I start to feel better. However last night I had an upset just before I went to sleep. As a result I was awake until after 1am as I felt so ill. I started to cry as I felt so hopeless like there is no way out of this for me. My life is ruined by this thing that i can’t control despite anti depressants and CBT. I hope that CBT works for you Sheila.

  74. Ms Margo Lenney 27 September 2011 Reply

    I’ve a friend, ‘Sarah’ he was diagnosed with severe anxiety 2 years ago. History- She had a brain tumour
    this gave her epileptic fits. The tumour was glued in the early 90’s which reduced the fits but never stopped them.
    She is a gutsy lady, full of live and up for anything; today she is not the same person. Family and friends gave the usual response – pull yourself together. Husband has now left to stay with his daughter. Every one is singing from different hymn sheets. At first when the attacks started she was on a hell of a lot of medication, she took the tablets by the handful. Every time she saw her GP her tablets were changed, when she saw the doc’s treating her tumour, they changed what the gp prescribed. When she saw the A&E doctors (called 999 for a fit) so the A&E doctors changed her medication. You can see where this is leading to. Round and round in circles. She then went to Sheffield to have a device fitted, similar to a pacemaker but this device warded off the fitting. She had to press it when she thought she was going to have a fit. At the last visit to the docs they told her she had used it hundreds of times, even though she should have pressed it only a few times. The underlying cause is the fear of fitting. When she has a grand mal she is fully awake.
    Then she goes round in circles again. For two years ‘Sarah’ was convinced it was withdrawal symptoms from one of her many tablets. Even though the community psychiatric team told it was severe anxiety it
    was understandable to think it was withdrawal from valium or whatever because they have the same symptoms. My friend needs her husband back, her children back, and her grandchildren back. She deserves better.
    She is coming to stay with me what advise can you give us?
    refrain tumour

    • Volunteer 30 September 2011 Reply

      Hi Margo

      Sorry to hear what your friend has gone through. Anxiety is often the result of irrational thoughts/beliefs/fear and negative thinking we have in our mind. These then trigger our bodies to react (ie.e panic attack) and change our behaviour (e.g. coping behaviour). I would strongly recommend your friend to speak to a therapist or a psychologist about her anxiety. Medications can only address the symptoms caused by the anxiety but addressing the nagtive thinking and irrational thoughts would help your friend Sarah to understand her anxiety. A therapist will be able to do that with her and help her to manage the anxiety and the coping behaviour She can ask her GPs to refer her to see a psychologist from the NHS but waiting is generally very long. Alternatively, Anxiety UK offers therapy services to member with a small cost and waiting list is normally two weeks. Please visit our Get Help session for more information on the help and support available to you and your friend Sarah.


  75. Eve 27 September 2011 Reply

    Hi folks, I’m new to this site but been looking for somewhere I could share experiences with others. I’ve always been a worrier – even as a kid but have suffered problems with anxiety since I was 19 years old, which was 1995. I spent 3 months that summer unable to leave my mum’s side, after one night where I felt like I was on a permanent roller coaster of anxiety attacks that I couldn’t stop. I had one after the other in my bed. I had epilepsy as a kid and teenager and so each time I got the ‘surreal feeling’ I felt sure I was gonna have a fit. I remember going to see my doc who prescribed beta blockers and being unable to even sit in the waiting room. I had to keep rushing out every time the anxiety bubbled over. Through the years it’s come and gone – depending on the different stresses and strains with work, relationships and life generally Largely I’ve tried to ignore it or wait until it passed, usually by going through life at top speed. I have seen community psychiatric nurses, a psychologist and a counsellor but it kept coming back. About 3 years ago I felt like I was falling apart. I’d got together with a guy who has 2 kids (who is by the way the love of my life) but the pressure of becoming a step mum every weekend in life, a stressful job, some money problems and a bullying boss meant that I was struggling. My anxiety started to get really out of control again and the main symptom this time was nausea – not the best as I am phobic about vomitting! And so the circle of fear began again! I ended up on citalopram and was on it for 2 years. I had to force myself back to work after 4 months of sick leave in July 2009 as my partner had been made redundant and I was the only breadwinner. I’ve struggled on and off since, sometimes I feel like ‘Yes!’ ‘I can beat this’ and other times I feel alone, isolated, like there is no hope and my worse fear is that I won’t be able to work at my job which I love and will have no financial security. At the moment things are better – I have a great boss and my partner is working again but I’m ‘dipping’ I came off the anti depressants in May because of some side effects but have felt more and more down since. In addition, I had a bout of gastric flu last month and although I wasn’t actually vomitting I had about 5 days where I felt sick through the bug and probably made it worse through the fear of being sick! My anxiety went through the roof after that and I feel that I’m back at square one. I do have a great CBT therapist though and he has helped me realise some lifestyle things that I’m going to have to change forever if I want to manage this properly. I’ve decided I can’t go into this half heartedly for a few weeks then carry on as normal, perhaps this is where I’ve gone wrong in the past. NowI know I really need to make the lifestyle changes and mean it. In the past 2 weeks I’ve started an exercise class, some simple meditation and a new hobby of sewing which I have put off for years for fear that I wouldn’t be able to to it. I think the answer is to take baby steps but I believe there are answers for us out there. Importantly we have to stick together and support each other on these forums. I truly believe that anxiety is a disease, it’s not imagined, it’s not self indulgent and it’s not about pulling yourself together – it’s complex but there are ways we can move forward! Give yourselves a pat on the back for all the small achievements because they lead to big successes!

  76. Adam 2 October 2011 Reply

    Hi, I have after having chest pain and an iregular heart beat felt in my pulse by a doctor i had a 7 day heart rate monitor on. All came back ok and i have been diagnosed with Anxiety (GAD).

    I am 26 with no other health issues that i know of. I have exercised for over 5 years and go to the gym 3-5 times per week. Since i was worried about my heart and then diagnosed with GAD my resting heart rate seems to have incresed a lot (or i have just noticed). My resting heart rate can vary between 80 – 120 (the doctor tells me this is anxiety – even when i am at 120 and feel fine all day). When i exercise my heart rate can jump and stall up at 175 and i still feel like i can do more! After exercise it only sometimes drops to about 110-120 all day. I am on 20mg citaliprame now since 4 weeks ago.

    My questions are:

    A) Has anyone had this?
    B) if you are anxious about your resting heart rate can this increase it all day?
    C) If i am anxious when i exercise is this what can make it go as high as 175 e.g. if i did the same exercise but wasnt anxious would be lower?
    D) When im anxious is this why my recovery time after exercise is so bad?
    E) The doctor says im ok and just anxiety but should i request further tests?

    Thank you….


    • jo 2 February 2012 Reply

      Hi, I also had this problem when I went to the gym, they said I should see a doctor because my heart rate was high before exercise. I had to wear a heart monitor for a week and it came back normal. it put me off the gym for a while. I have gone back to the gym, but it has put me off doing high impact training as my heart rate is so high.

  77. 1111111111111 5 October 2011 Reply

    im so glad i am reading these comments as i fort was goin mad. my friends and family dnt undersand how this is an illness, which is controlling mylife. i have gad and social phobia i have got to the point were i cannot look people in the eye, im convinced everyone is judging me i am in fear consiontly im scared bout everything

  78. Diane Huddle 17 October 2011 Reply

    I have found Prozac very effective with anxiety ,I would advise anyone to really bang the drum with their DR ,this is a terrible condition to live with .I am not a fan of drugs , but sometimes it is necessary.Its got to be better than living in an anxious state from the minute you wake , till the end of the day .

    • Volunteer 21 October 2011 Reply

      Hi Diane

      Thanks for sharing with. We don’t recommend people to give medical advice or suggest medication to others because everyone is different. I do believe speaking to your GPs is a great idea however speaking a mental health practitioner, i.e. a therapist, who is specialised in treating anxiety is ideal. Medication can help you to clear your mind and ease the symptoms but shouldn’t see it as a long term treatment to anxiety. Have you thought about cognitive behavioural therapy?


  79. Diane Huddle 17 October 2011 Reply

    Adrenalin is the cause of this .I believe the body dos not regulate it under certain conditions .Everything goes into over drive ! .I would say high anxiety/extreme nervousness and racing thought of the not nice kind , is the worse symptoms .

    • Volunteer 21 October 2011 Reply

      Hi Diane

      That’s true. Anxiety is the result of irrational thoughts/beliefs/fears and negative in our mind. These thoughts then trigger our bodies to react hence we get all sort of physical symptoms. The release of (excess) adrenalin is one of the symptoms called by extreme stress, anxiety and/or threat and this is called “fight or flight response”. You can look this up on wikipedia. Excerise can help to use up some of these excess adrenalin. However, the ideal treatment is to talk to a therapist and get professional help on how manage the anxiety and all these irrational thoughts and negative thinking. We do provide cognitive behavioural therapy which is very effective in treating anxiety, and I would recommend that to anyone with anxiety.


  80. Diane Huddle 17 October 2011 Reply

    WELL SAID CRAIG ! .All the little things add up .This condition needs to attacked from all corners .From diet to relaxation ,to a body massage to seeing a therapist .Plus sharing , and realising you are not alone can greatly help.
    feel free to message me if you fancy a chat .I really want to help !

  81. Diane Huddle 17 October 2011 Reply

    Elizabeth , Have things improved ?.I feel very concerned for everyone who has this , and its controlling their life’s .
    I wonder if a face book group exist or can be formed .It would help greatly .
    I feel strong right now , and so wish to support everyone !! .

  82. Adam 17 October 2011 Reply

    Hi All, I have always been a worrying person. A year ago i came off citaliprame 20mg that i had been on for 3-4 years and now am back on them for about 3-4 months as anxiety / depression got worse. I have been diagnosed with GAD as i worry about everything especially health. I always feel like as its got worse it can get even more worse and i will lose my mind and turn into a propper ‘nutter’. Is this normal. If im still feeling bad should i up my dosage of citaliprame? or is citaliprame bent to just help but not cure? I have just started my 1st of 8 sessions of CBT but i find it hard to beleive 8 50 minute sessions will do much good? Very negative i know but very possitive to fid an answer and beat this mind prisoning, unwanted anxiety in my life – or at least to a normal degree.

    btw, im 26 and to what i know of in good physical health…..

    Thanks guys,


    • Volunteer 21 October 2011 Reply

      Hi Adam

      Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult moment. CBT is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety and reseach shows that people who have faith in themselves and the therapists do do generally get much better than those who don’t. Please have faith in yourself and the therapist. Managing anxiety is all about self-help and staying positive, and requires alot of effort and committment. Your therapist can only help you understand your anxiety; identify the irrational thoughts and negative thinking; and teach you (self-help) techniques to manage the anxiety. However, it’s still upto you to decide whether you would like to practice these techniques and positive thinking on your won (obviously the session is only 50mins each week and you have 6days 23hr and 10mins to go). I would receommend you to look at our Shop and find some of the Overcomg Anxiety books. It’s always good to have something to refer to between each session. Stay positive and have faith in yourself and the therapist !!


  83. Diane Huddle 19 October 2011 Reply

    There is a facebook page /group on this condition , and it needs members x.Anyone want to chat on it ??

  84. sam 24 October 2011 Reply

    i’v bean given XANAX for anxity anttak i think it working good luck guys

  85. Diane Huddle 26 October 2011 Reply

    Yes , I have tried it .Maybe i needed more time at it , as i feel it helped me , but did not cure it .Also i was not intending to give out medical advice , I was just saying Prozac works for me .( Apologies for the misunderstanding )On saying that , after being on it for nearly two months i have started to experience joint and muscle pain .I am to discuss this with my GP this morning .

  86. Jo 30 October 2011 Reply

    Oh dear Suzanna, I’m sure you are a beautiful person who doesn’t deserve to feel this way! I have just logged on to this site today because I’m worried about myself, have felt anxiety for a few years now, I just feel too scared to go to my GP. On reading your message I cried for ages but you have given me the strength to take that step and go to my doctors. It’s hard to push for anything in this life but to do it when feeling depressed is a huge achievement! Well done you! When I see how much the government take out of my wages each month, I should benefit from a good NHS service if I need it! Keep pushing Suzanna, and I would be more than happy to provide emotional support as I totally understand where you are coming from!!! I sincerely hope you feel better since writing that message and I await you response eargerly as I do have the best family but they don’t seem to understand why i’m feeling this way (I don’t either to be honest). Jo

  87. Char 31 October 2011 Reply

    Hi. It makes me feel better to know that others feel the same way I feel although the injustice of having something that most people can’t comprehend how it ruins your life is difficult. I have had this for over 10 years now although sometimes I have felt better than others. At the moment I feel really bad, I think it’s made worse by the fact I have an 18 month old so have a whole new set of things to feel anxious about plus the guilt of not being able to take him where he wants to go and just enjoy having him in my life.

    I’ve been to the doctors and they perscribed me citalopram but they made me 10 times worse so I now have something else but am too afraid to take it incase I have bad side effects again. I am currently waiting for CBT which I am optimistic about but until that starts I just feel at a loss of what to do. I work as a teacher and this has always been my saving grace as once you get in there’s no time to be anxious. Now I’m part time but want to hand in my notice as getting there is a nightmare for me (40 minute journey). Once I’m there I’m usually okay as I have lots of things to ocuppy my mind however at the moment I have had my confidence knocked so much I just can’t face it.

    It’s so difficult when you know what you need to do but you can’t seem to do it.

    • Volunteer 4 November 2011 Reply

      Hi Char

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time at the moment. Are you waiting to see a therapist from the NHS? Anxiety UK also offers CBT to members at reduced rate and waiting time is upto 2 weeks. Managing anxiety is all about staying positive and having faith in yourself. Anxiety is the result of irrational thoughts, beliefs and negative thinking, and these are the casues of many physical symptoms and behavioural change. Distracting yourself from some of these irrational thoughts and negative thinking will ease the anxiety. I would recommend you to pick up some exercise and burn off some of the excess adrenaline caused by the anxiety.


  88. Evie 3 November 2011 Reply

    Hi Justine,

    Diane is right – there is help out there. If you see a GP and he/she isn’t sympathetic then get a second opinion. Anxiety, GAD, depression – these are nothing to be ashamed of and they do exist. Your worries are not pathetic. Everybody worrys but it’s when they take over your life you know you need soe help. I’ve had problems on and off for years with anxiety but recently things went really bad. However with the help and support of a good GP and a psychiatric nurse who knows all about cognitive behaviour I’m working my way through it. There are an amazing amount of techniques out there to help you get through it – it’s hard work but there are ways out of your thinking patterns and you can create better thoughts in your head which give you hope – take care! x

  89. Tracey 11 November 2011 Reply

    I am 29 and I have all of your symptoms. Its horrific. I hate it. I felt better for a while but back to square one again. How did you get on with the specialist?
    You certainly are not alone!

  90. antonia 14 November 2011 Reply

    i have all those symptoms aswell plus dizziness when i stand up, nausea really bad and its hard to eat, i’ve spent around 5 days lying on a couch trying to ‘rest’ but cant stop twitching, is this my life from now or will i get better? what can i do other than go back the doctors? x

    • Diane Huddle 17 November 2011 Reply

      Are you on medication ? .I cant say i have had those problems , Maybe the admins can assist here ,and confirm these symptoms are associated with this condition .PLEASE VISIT your Doctor if you have nt already ! .Not necessarily for medication , but for advice and the step to recovery .x

  91. Diane Huddle 17 November 2011 Reply

    I personally feel Adrenalin , that kicks in for the bodies flight or fight response, reaches a peak and does not know how to shut down .It NEEDS help to be able to get it back on the right track .Its the Adrenalin that creates many of the symptoms .
    A person will experience something in their life that will cause them stress and worry,this escalates and builds up ( along with the Adrenalin ) .You then are in a bad state feeling so very very un calm ! .When you are constantly feeling anxious , sometimes even on waking , and its gone on for weeks or months , its time to take control .Its time to SEEK HELP ! .It is a common disorder ..YES ; COMMON ! ..Pick up that phone and RING YOUR GP .STOP THIS FROM BLIGHTING YOUR EXISTENCE ! XX

  92. Dilli 18 November 2011 Reply

    Wow what a relief to find this site, it helps so much to know I am not alone with this. In my circle of family and friends no one quite seems to understand and eventually gets fed up with the negativity, tears, irritability, exhaustion, pain, sadness and torture that goes along with this awful disorder. Here it feels I am surrounded by people who truly understand, I just cried the whole way through reading the stories, with relief that I was not alone but also with sadness that so many of us struggle through life. Knowing that we are not alone can give us strength to get through this.

  93. Joanne Muddeman 19 November 2011 Reply

    Hi – I have just discovered this site and have read some of the comments which are extremely helpful. I have suffered on and off with anxiety for 8 years but am really suffering at the moment. I have taken Prozac twice, more for the depression that was brought on by the anxiety, and recently tried coming off it. Since then, my anxiety has gone sky high. I have gone back on Prozac under the guidance of my GP, but am really struggling at the moment. My main symptom of anxiety has always been irregular heartbeats, and no matter how much reassurance I seek, from websites/books etc. although I know they are a symptom of the anxiety and nothing else, I can’t accept them and get into a vicious circle with them. I am having bouts of irregular heartbeats that go on for hours and they are making me very emotional. I have just finished a six-week course of a CBT course for ‘Worry and Anxiety’ and so will need to start using these techniques, but feel like I am at the end of my tether. I can go for days feeling okay, then get a few of the palpitations and then ‘worry’ myself into having more. No-one at work knows about my anxiety (not sure whether I want to tell them – any advice?) but am finding it increasing hard to get through the working day and feel a bit like I am ‘turning in on myself’ if this makes any sense. I have been feeling like this for a couple of hours today at home and am fed up with it! It is tough as I have had a reasonably good spell of being, not completely anxiety-free, but feeling like I have it under control, so to be plunged back into feeling it so strongly again is taking it out of me. I also feel constantly tense (stiff, aching shoulders, tight jaw) and exhausted through feeling anxious all the time. Hope this also helps anyone who is also feeling like this – you are not the only one! Reading other people’s stories on here has just helped me rationalise my feelings a bit. Thank you.

    • Volunteer 24 November 2011 Reply

      Hi Joanne

      Thank you for sharing. Managing anxiety is all about staying positive and having faith in yourself. Dont worry if these anxious feelings come back from time to time but definitely practise the CBT techniques more often and distract yourself from the negative thinking and these unpleasant symptoms. Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and ease the physical symptoms. It’s up to you whether you want to tell your colleagues about your anxiety because this is something personal. Stay positive.


  94. Charlotte 21 November 2011 Reply

    Hope everyone is feeling okay. The posts have helped me a lot lately, as they come through to my email and reassure me that i’m not alone in my anxiety. I thought I was well enough to come off my anti-d’s a few weeks ago, not long after losing a baby.. What was I thinking? Its thrown me. I am off work sick and my record is bad. My latest anxiety flare is a result of domestic arguments. Additionally I am trying to avoid my partying friends, as throw illicit substances in the mix and its a recipe for serious problems. Not sure if me and my partner will be able to resolve our issues and this scares me because I live with him in his tenancy. My friends have been my lifeline in this period. I don’t want to go back on meds because I am sick of being on/off them. As soon as I feel better, I want to get off and of course trying for a baby is a good reason. I can’t believe we even did try for a baby considering everything, but beiing on meds made me feel I could do it. Very foolish. I will be sorting my life and head out next time for sure. Also have cbt next week through psychological therapies team. Although I have had it before and felt it didn’t work for me, although lots of my friends feel it helped them loads.

    Sorry for the length of this!

  95. Tracey Coxall 21 November 2011 Reply

    Hi guys, I have now been to the Dr’s as was going insane! I am booked to see someone the earliest 4th Jan! Shocking how long you have to wait. Its all about training your mind now to think of the bad things?

    My facebook wont show up as i am hidden from searches….what is everyons names on there?

  96. Lindsey satchwell 4 December 2011 Reply

    Hi all 🙂 i’ve been suffering from anxiety since early may this year but have never been told what sort it is whether its gad or panic etc. I had a termination back at the start of may and 2 days after I vigorously started having full body tremors tachycardia nausea dizziness chest pain and pins and needles in my scalp. I was told it was anxiety by my gp who also gave me a thyroid test that came bk normal. Every time I go to the drs now they put it down to anxiety and prescribe me pills but I refuse to take them. Can I cure this so called anxiety or will I suffer with it for the rest if my life. Im 24 yeas old and my dad and uncle suffer with it.i would be extremely grateful if somebody could help as I feel alone when I talk to my partner and friends to help me through an attack I get called a hypochondriac which gives me low self esteem.

  97. Anonymous 6 December 2011 Reply

    Hi Guys,
    My name is Katherine and i can openly say that i suffer from anxiety and panic, its also escalated to obessing over my health. At times i feel as if i am going crazy, feel like loosing control and then thats when the negative thoughts come in. I get all shaky, palpatations, sweaty palms when the attack is in full force!
    When the attack is in full force, thats when the negative thinking comes in, I swear im going mad, loosing control but its hard to think with a straight head when a attack occurs
    Due to looking up on the web search engines, Anxiety refers to a “Mental Illness” Which then puts images in my head that i am going to be put in a “mental home” Even when i have got my mind focused on something, the negative thoughts managed to creep up.
    When the anxiety subsides, i feel shaky and think to myself why me?? Why have i got to deal with all this?? I even sometimes say to myself that i am not strong.
    Its really horrible feeling like this and i am asking if anyone has got any tips to overcome this, Would they be soo kind to actually share with me. Im 23 and dont want it to ruin my life

    Many Thanks


  98. Katherine 6 December 2011 Reply

    Hi Guys,
    My name is Katherine, and i can openly say that i suffer with anxiety and not be judged by it!
    Im soo glad i found this website and i aint on my own suffering. I also suffer with Health Anxiety too.
    What i dont like is, Web search engines desribes Anxiety as a “Mental Health Issues” This then makes me think that i am going made, crazy, loosing control and i can see myself going into a mental home..
    Its horrible when thoughts like that creep up on you. Even when im focused on something, the negative thoughts tend to some how creep up on me.
    Im not on medication at the mo, coz i think its a smoke-screen, it doesnt actually solve the problem just takes away the symptoms! I wana overcome this totally! I do tend to think to myself, why is this happening to me?? Why cant i be “Normal”
    I am on the list for some counselling sessions, but my gp advised me that it can be a 50:50 chance, it can be declined 🙁
    Have anyone got any tips that you could possible share with me??
    Im only 23 and dont want it to ruin my life

    Katherine 🙂 x

    • Volunteer 8 December 2011 Reply

      Hi Katherine, well done on having such a positive attitude towards dealing with your anxiety and moving forward. It is completely your choice whether or not you take medication to help with this, some people prefer not to but it can be helpful to others – the GP can advise with this. Therapy sessions can be a great help to dealing with anxiety so its good that your GP has put you on the list to have some counselling. If you do have any problems with getting refered onto this then we can help you here as well as we offer access to therapy also – there is more info on this on the website or you can give us a call on the helpline if you wanted to discuss it. There are loads of self help tips that help people manage their anxiety day to day, things like keeping busy, relaxation, exercise and diet can be really useful in helping you keep on top of it. There are also lots of self help books that teach techniques – have a look in our shop on the website to see if any of these could be useful to you.
      regards, Chris

  99. Anonymous 16 December 2011 Reply

    I had a friend tell me that I was gonna have a bad year in sports like I did last year and I asked him to knock on wood and he wouldn’t do it and ever since then I have had alot of the symptoms on here that you guys are talking about, chest pain tingling in my arms and hands my heart has been pounding and it feels like the feeling never stops is this normal

  100. Claire 16 December 2011 Reply

    I have been suffering GAD for a year now and i find it very hard to cope with. One of my main concerns is feeling light headed majority of the time and wondered if anybody else feels this way???. I have tried CBT but found the course was not long enough and i still feel on edge everyday and worry about everything to an extreme….

  101. kate 16 December 2011 Reply

    Hi Claire. Like you I feel light headed a lot and dizzy at times. I overbalance quite often too. I had CBT but could not remember much about it once it was finished. I also find it very hard to cope with and nothing I’m prescribed seems to help. The best I can say to you is that we are not alone and that makes it a bit more bearable.

  102. liam 16 December 2011 Reply

    My anxiety started randomly about 2 years ago? And i now suffer every minute of every day?it is soul destroying i constantly think im going to die or hace a undetected life treatening illness brain tumor, heart desease, cancer….etc i can barely go out cz i feel im going to pass out. And if i think iv gt a illness my anxiety will make these symptoms physical to me.. Has any1 else had this? Iv gt anti abxiety pills but havent started treatment yet. I came back from egypt yesterday on a 6 hour flight and ny holiday was ruined because the whole holiday i was worried about having a panic attack on the plane. I also sufder from fatigue.. Loss off balance. Headaches etc. Write bak people please im 22 m uk x

  103. Jen Ross 16 December 2011 Reply

    I have lot of anxiety issues and so does my daughter

  104. Claire 22 December 2011 Reply

    Hi Kate

    Thank you i feel exactly the same, it reasurring to know that i am not going crazy as i have terrible light headedness and at times unbalanced like yourself.. its good to no there are more sufferers and not alone.


    I am the same but can not even get on a plane through so much fear.. and i feel the same when i leave the house i am terrified i will pass out so i tend to stay in which makes me feel a little safer.

  105. Sarah 22 December 2011 Reply

    Heya, ive been dealing with my anxiety for a couple of months now, or rather refusing to give in to it by making myself do things i would other wise avoid, like going somewhere new by myself, and meeting new people rather than finding a way to wriggle out of it. I did have the sensation of a huge lump in my throat, which was caused by anxiety, it started when i got laryngitus, and even when it was gone, i still had the sensation of a lump in my throat. Went to the ent who looked with a camera, and surprise, he found nothing. So i focussed on anything but my throat, things that are really time and attention consuming, like gardening, baking or crafting, and now its mostly gone. Now i can really feel the muscles tensing up in that area and i can take steps to relax them before it gets too bad. I have found that taking kalms helps. Has anyone else found this? They dont help loads, but they do seem to take the edge off, which is nice. I wouldnt go as far to say that im getting better. But i can say i am dealing with it at the very least. Theworst thing i think is the being tense all the time, im always shaky until the end of the day, when theres nothing to worry about, then i can relax.

  106. Brenda Bradley 5 January 2012 Reply

    have suffered anxiety and depression for some years. I believe it is reactive depression and Gad and this time was brought on by work last year (but also a few other issues ie. I fostered my motherless niece for a while and also my cat died),

    This started around July 2 years ago but I didnt know what was happening to me till I had a breakdown in the September.

    I have now be ill around 18 months, the most I have ever been bad is around 8 months and I am usually back working after a couple of months at the most. I have a really bad time in that my doctor was useless. Him and my manager kept trying to get me back in work and the occy health tried to give me space and help me however manager/doctor went against what the occy health said!

    I was finally made redundant in March last year along with the whole office. I tried to get another job but the anxiety was bad. I changed my GP in July and the new one gave me a sick note for 3 months and then a further 3 months however the DWP assessment along with my doctor now deem me ok. I throw up with the anxiety.

    My dread that is with me every day is starting a job (I did do one day just before XMas but I was too much of a mess) I went back to the doctor who wouldnt help.

  107. charlotte n 6 January 2012 Reply

    Brenda, it sounds like you have been through so much. I totally understand what you mean about not working, that in itself poses problems. I.feel likeva failure when I’m out of work, not to mention the bill worry.
    What is your family or personal situation? Is there any good friend who can look after you or just be someone you can trust in.

    Are you on meds? Please look into talking therapies and cbt. Meditation CDs and books can be helpful too. X

  108. Brenda Bradley 6 January 2012 Reply

    Hi Charlotte, Yes Im on Setraline and betablockers. I do need to work but the work is the problem in itself. I am under a counsellor and have done CBT online. I think the most frustrating thing is having a GP who didnt seem to care (so much in fact that my counsellor actually phoned him) and then changing practice to another doctor that told me on the last visit there was nothing else he could do for me! It does make me feel like Im being a wimp but I wouldnt wish this on anyone.. I havent really tried Meditation so I think that is the next step. Thanks for replying, it means a lot x

  109. Shazy 7 January 2012 Reply

    Hi all

    this isthe first time i have seen this website, i have read through all of it today and have found it to be even more depressing as no one seems to have been cured or at least something that works. i have suffered from anxiety and depression from my teenage years but never did anything about it apart from having highs and lows through life tearful months etc.

    now im in my mid 40’s and had big financial problems which although being sorted have triggered of the worst anxiety i have had i lost over three stone unable to eat through nausea i am under weight for my hieght by four stone!! I fianally went to my gp who just put me on prozac which made me worse with more nausea causing me to take to my bed for a week as every time i got up i was sick and dizzy! when i phoned the gp she said it was the side effects and i could either stop or continue and they might stop. Of course i stopped as my family were very concerned for my health as i kept collapsing with weakness when i stood up. When i rang the gp again telling her i was to weak to come in and was there anything else she said no asthis was the lightest drug available!! not sure wether to believe her though.
    Like others i awake with sweats and palpitations or i can just be shopping and i cant breathe watching tv with the family and my stomach drops and my heart ratespeads up so much i end up cougthing.

    Like others i start fearing i have cancer my bra size has shrunk to a 30A so i can feel each little bump and lump. but don’t want to go to see my gp as she seems unconcerned.
    could some one suggest a drug with low side effects or something herbal.

    Please help someone as i think i will just collapse from being under weight.

    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 10 January 2012 Reply

      Hi Shazy

      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a difficult time. We can’t suggest or comment on your medication because we are not specialised in this area. However, we have supported many people to overcome their anxiety through talking therapies – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Your condition is quite common for anxiety but it is manageable with the help of these therapies. You also need to learn some self help techniques to cope with your condition, and you can either learn it through therapies or self help books. Have a look on this link to know more about the therapies:, or you can give us a ring on 08444 775 774 for more details.

      Best wishes

  110. Twinkle 10 January 2012 Reply

    Though it hasn’t caused weight loss my experience has been similar to yours. What has helped me most is regular taking of magnesium which helps with some of the worst and most frightening symptoms i.e. palpitations and ectopic heartbeart. Also you may find this helps with any incipient menopausal symptoms given your age – I’m 50 now and the last five years have been worse than ever because of hormonal imbalance. Also discovered this week that I’m very low in iron and anaemic which exacerbates things. Get iron tablets and magnesium from a good health food shop but get tested for iron, folates and FSH (related to menopause) from your doctor first – though another doctor at the practice might be more sympathetic from the sound of things. You have every right to a second opinion. Get your best friend or family to drive you there. Good luck you have my sympathy, Caroline

  111. Diane Huddle 10 January 2012 Reply

    If you decide on staying on Prozac , the nausea should subside within 7 days .I would take it after food ,or take halve the dose for a few days ( again taken after food ) , then back to a full tablet . you really must EAT as having an empty tummy can cause you problems. Plus ,you have lost too much weight .You are losing weight as you are not eating and I suspect that is why you feel dizzy.Dry toast/Biscuits with a glass of milk is good for starters Additionally you can buy ”Build up ” that come in drink and soup form ..I suggest you see another Dr , someone whom cares and has a better understanding .i think this is linked to Facebook ,try and find out .As I will do too .

    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 11 January 2012 Reply

      We would advise that anyone who is taking medication seek advice around dosage and side effects.

      Neil (Anxiety UK Helpline Volunteer)

    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 11 January 2012 Reply

      As always, we would advise that anyone on medication should seek medical advice around dosage or side effects.

      Neil (Anxiety UK Helpline Volunteer)

  112. Jay 10 January 2012 Reply

    Hello everyone,

    I’m currently under the doctors trial and error program with medication for anxiety and was given a list of websites to help me with my problem, these sites all pointed to depression rather than anxiety, why not just give me this website instead?

    The reason I’m posting is to try and reassure those like me with this problem and on reading most of the posts here, it looks as though the majority are suffering on a par with myself.
    My first episode was when i was 5 years of age to which i will never forget and since then I have relapses on occasion, the most resent DEC 2011 after a bout of chest/sinus/inner ear infection and was prescribed steroids to which caused severe insomnia and night terrors also suffered with these in my infant years, this (sleep deprivation/nightmares) in my opinion although I am no doctor was the trigger for me, the most resent previous to the current relapse was in my early 20’s and working anything up to 100+ hours a week on a contract that had to be finished and was under a lot of stress, due to the hours worked; sleep deprivation ensured, guess what happened a few days later.

    The reason for the aforementioned information in detail?

    In my opinion and understanding of myself I seem to have a trigger and also learned to understand what caused and what helps. Friends and family have all given advise over the years with how to cope but the only medication to truly relieve the illness is yourself, CBT does/will help you! so please don’t dismiss or decline the offer if available, a recent post was unsure to how 8 – 12 sessions would help, but from past experience it is enough to help you cope and in my past case even forget.
    I am currently awaiting for my sessions to be scheduled for this episode (you may now be asking why if I previously stated the cure is yourself so why do I need to go?). It’s good to talk and get things of your chest, to also find what the cause of the attack is linked to, or in my case relapse, even though I think what has caused it, this may not be the case and with having high levels of anxiety and the usual symptoms I feel the need of therapy will help as it has done before.

    Current symptoms;
    Dizziness/light headed/faint – Daily, this starts the panic attack, often accompanied or end up with a headache or the feeling of pressure in my head.
    Palpitations – not always if i can calm myself, reassure myself 50/50
    Hot flushes or chills – occasionally when panic
    Short of breath/choking – this wakes me up, feeling as though I have been holding my breath in my sleep, short of breath when panic
    Fear of dying – this seems to manifest if the attack is sudden or severe (oh no not again!!! this has hard as it may seem can be controlled eventually with CBT)

    all the above where present in the first few weeks of attack along with pains in my chest, arms and legs and some attacks can still last for a full day often started with a few hours of sleep and waking suddenly and being left with dizziness/light headed and feeling faint, having suffered previously I am able to calm myself down if these start during the day but not always stop the attack which is why I need CBT again.

    Many thanks for reading and hope my experience has put light to, or at least reassured that help is out there and with a little help you can stop these from happening or at least keep to a bare minimum (apart from very minor palpitations, I was panic free for a good 15 years until DEC 11).


  113. hayley 18 January 2012 Reply

    Suzanna I have just read your post and am now crying – partly due to the fact I. feel for you and partly due to the pure relief and comfort I feel because there is actually somebody out there who feels the same as I do. I am actually going to see my gp tomorrow and the thought of it it absolutely terifies me – I also have a phobia of hospitals which doesn’t help my situation – I am in a constant state of panic that I feel I am not really here. I was taking the christmas decorations down a couple of weeks ago and was sat in a daze because I was thinking to myself am I going to see these decortions next christmas?. People who don’t suffer with anything like this really do not have any idea how it feels to live in a constant bubble of tension and fear and I am allways looking for reassurance from others that I am ok. Like you said, in the back of my mind, somewhere, I must know that I am ok but the emotions that you feel with anxiety are far greater and far outweigh any rational thoughts which may occur, very rarely might I add. Thabkyou to giving a bit of relief to me – however long it may last

    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 18 January 2012 Reply

      Hi Hayley

      Many of our helpline volunteers here have personal experience of anxiety and phobia, and we will try our best to support you and perhaps direct you to appropriate services and/or therapies. You are always welcome to call on 08444 775 774 to discuss your anxiety with us. Definitely go to see your GPs tomorrow and see what s/he can offer to help. We also offer a range of “Talking Therapies” including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), clinical hypnotherapy and counselling. This may be something that you can consider in the future. You can find out more about them here: Stay positive and call us if you need to.

      Best wishes

  114. hayley 18 January 2012 Reply

    Hey liam – I have just found this website with all you guys on here and it is an absolute godsend! No hunny you are not alone – I am 26 and I suffer from those symptoms and many more, my greatest fear is cancer – it isn’t irrational, who doesn’t fear it?!? You need to see someone for help because that is exactly what I am going to do! Please don’t gve up hope – I have been like this for a couuple of years now – probably longer if I really think about it! I am here anytime you need to chat about anything – even if its just reassurance that you need – its allways nice to know someone else feels the same, even if what you are feeling is absolutlley life controlling
    Keep in touch, hayley

  115. Adam 23 January 2012 Reply

    ADVICE NEEDED: Hi I am 27 and have suffered with GAD most of adult life and am on 20mg citaliprame for anxiety and some depression (depressed that im anxious!). I have also tried CBT. when we are anxious of course our heart rate goes up etc but mine seems to be odd. when i sit down my heart rate is about 70-80 but when as soon as i stand it is 100 plus. Also i work out 3 times a week mainly weights but some CV and when i hold a heart rate monitor within 10 seconds of light exercise i go from 80 – 120 and eventially up to about 160 during the workout.

    I had an ECG and a 7 day HR monitor and thyroid blood test done several months ago and were all ok.
    My question is, is this normal?

    I wanted my doc to give me a stress test but he said no! is this in need?

    Many thanks,


  116. Jo 23 January 2012 Reply

    Hi – I have posted once before a few months ago. Back then, my main issue was anxiety-related palpitations, and despite starting a course of beta-blockers, I am still getting them. Sometimes I can go for days without them, other times I get them for several days running, which is what has happened recently. I have had them on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Usually when I go to sleep they have gone when I get up, but I have had them all through the night and still have them now. They are really getting me down. I keep going back to my GP and he keeps saying persevere with the medication, and take an extra one if they are bad, which I have done, but they still carry on. I really don’t know what to do next. If anyone has any advice it would be welcome. I am at the stage now where I am at the end of my patience and am feeling really down. I am also on Prozac for depression brought on by anxiety and had a six-week course of CBT at my local IAPT centre, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have helped.

  117. Twinkle 23 January 2012 Reply

    Always consult your GP before taking any new medication. my personal advice is try magnesium tablets – my palpitations haven’t gone completely but are so improved as to make them liveable with for the first time in ages. You need to take them regularly for a month or so before effect becomes noticeable but stick with it. Also, cut down on your sugar intake, that helps me too… But first and foremost check that these tabs aren’t contraindicated with your prescribed medication. Hope it helps. Twinkle

  118. Sam 24 January 2012 Reply


    My name is Sam and I am 21 years old. Been suffering from anxiety for about two years now. I don’t really know exactly what triggers my attacks but I do know that I have a fear of germs and getting sick/dieing. I hate the feeling of constant worry and dread. Sometimes I can’t even concentrate and start pacing around, waiting for the attack to pass…waiting for some hope. I’ve tried to talk to people. No one really understands what I go through and just say stop worrying, there is nothing to worry about, get a hold of yourself…etc.. It doesn’t help. I’ve been on anti-depressants for about two years now. They do help, but sometimes not enough. Does anyone out there have any advice for me? Is there hope?

  119. Alan 25 January 2012 Reply


    Hi, im 27 years old and have suffered with GAD for most of adult life. i am on 20mg citaloprame, I have had CBT. I also had a 7 day heart rate monitor and blood test done several months ago – all fine!

    i am concerned as my resting heart rate always seems to be over the place and can be very high, sometimes 80 then 120 then back to 70 etc recently i checked it and it was 160, checked an hour later and it was still high, 140 at rest.

    if i am stressed or anxious can it really make it stay as high as this at rest??

    i went to the doctor and he said he had done the tests previously and does not want to look into it further

    also when i do any exercise, after only a few seconds it shoots up a lot – even more which is anoying as im a PT

    help! is this a normal symptom of GAD?



    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 26 January 2012 Reply

      Hi Alan

      Yes this is quite a normal condition for GAD. Have you read the book “GAD: an Anxiety UK Guide”? It helps you to understand more about your symptoms and it included coping strategies which can help you to manage your problems. You can click here to find out more about GAD and the self help books which can empower you to cope with the disorder by yourself.

      Best wishes

  120. Alan 26 January 2012 Reply

    Thank you Shirley, can i also asked that when my HR was as high as 160 i didnt feel stressed or anxious so was a big shock, can anxiety be ‘sub conscious’ so i am worried but feel ok? if you know what i mean?

    it just scares me as i LOVE fitness and when i got on a bike before i did anything it was 160 and as soon as i peddle 170/175 etc

    btw i will have a look at this book!

    Thanks in advance


    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 31 January 2012 Reply

      Hi Alan

      Anxiety can affect your heart rate and how your body feel physically, even if you don’t think you are in stress or panicking at that moment. If you think there is anything wrong with your body and you don’t agree it’s anxiety, the most appropriate thing to do is to consult your GP because they can help you to check. And if the results come back negative, then you will know it’s actually anxiety.

      Best wishes

  121. stephen 28 January 2012 Reply

    Try looking into the Linden Method. It definitely works. Il try and relay its principles. Sufferers of anxiety disorders have reached a stage where the individual may have had many situations in their life which have been stressfull and anxious. The bodies way of dealing with this is to produce adrenaline and prepare the body for a ‘fight or flight’ situation. If this has happened a lot the brain begins to ‘learn’ and ‘think’ that this is a normal way of dealing with situations, even non stressful every day situations, to the point that symptoms can manifest themself every day in extreme cases. The brain has pretty much wired itself into the habit of thinking negative thoughts and producing the anxious physical reactions. The neural pathways have to be ‘rewired’ to stop this. The amygdala is a part of the brain that regulates mood and emotions and anxiety sufferers need to ‘retrain’ the amygdala to normal levels and to not produce the ‘fight ot flight’ stimulus at times when it is not needed. The physical results of this can manifest themselves in many many ways. Mental thoughts can also be affected. The methods for treating the disorder are in the form of breathing techniques and ‘retraining’ the brain with thought exercises and adopting the idea of ‘distracting’ your brain from the chance to think negative thoughts or think itself into its habitual way of producing anxious responses physically and mentally.

  122. nathan 31 January 2012 Reply

    i have created a page on facebook specific to gad i know anxiety has its own but felt some peoples comments needed a more us together helping eachother and support so hope it helps and maybe anxietyuk could put a link to it aswell please dont hesitate to join

  123. Alan 2 February 2012 Reply

    Hi Shirley, thank you for your reply to my post.

    Can anxiety actual cause an irregular heart beat though – all the time with GAD? e.g. within seconds apart it goes from 70-80-90-75-110-90 etc

    Many thanks,


  124. jo 2 February 2012 Reply

    Hi, i think I may be suffering from GAD, i am 33 and have suffered from this since I was 14. I worry all the time and everything goes round and round in my head for the whole day. I thought if I keep it to my self no one can laugh at me or make fun, also if I put it to the back of my mind it might go away. I have had two major breakdowns where I lost the use of my legs and ended up in hospital to learn how to walk again. I have the following symptoms

    feeling dizzy
    tired all the time
    Unable to concerntrate
    always on edge
    Difficulty sleeping (every worry going around in my head)
    Lost appetite
    Hands shake
    constant worry

    I have finally plucked up the courage to go to my doctors who has prescribed me citalopram, and referred my to counsilling, but I am feeling anxious about it because I dont know what to expect when I go there.

    Does it sound like I have GAD and what happens at councilling?

    • Anxiety UK Volunteer 3 February 2012 Reply

      Hi, If you want to learn more about GAD and want to use our DIY diagnosis to see if you have a tendency toward GAD you can look here In regards to counselling, typically in a counselling session the topic of therapy will be lead by you and what you feel you need to talk about and the counsellor will reflect to you their interpretation of what your saying and in this manner they help you make your own solutions rather than advice and telling you what to do though they may still make some suggestions.
      If you want to further contact us do not hesitate at 08444 775 774 mon-fri 9.30am – 5.30pm or alternatively via live chat or email
      best wishes and good luck with counselling

  125. Carly 3 February 2012 Reply

    I have always considered myself to be a worrier but since having my daughter 16 months ago it has become unbearable and is controlling my life. One day i was sat at home and had my first panic attack, I was sure I was dying and went to the doctor, i explained to him the symptoms i had been experiencing such as shortness of breath, not being able to sleep, muscle tension, the most unbearable headaches, knotted stomach, loss of appetite, Feeling like i am going mad and a sensation i find very hard to explain so I apologise if I am making no sense, I often feel like I’m living outside of my head completely aware of everything that is happening around me all the time and it is exhausting! The doctor told me I should swap my pill. After a couple of months nothing had changed and I convinced my self i was going mad, I didn’t talk to anyone about it even my partner was clueless. If I thought I was going mad then what would everybody else think?
    Soon i stopped going out, watching TV often made me panicked especially the news if there was a story about someone being hurt or killed I would think about myself being in that situation and how I would get out of it alive. One night my partner and i were watching TV when something came on that made me feel extremely panicked i started crying hysterically. That was the night i first told my partner about how i was feeling, I was sure he would think i was crazy but he comforted me and got me to see another doctor the next morning.
    The doctor explained gad to me, it was a huge relief knowing I wasn’t alone. I am waiting to start a course to help me deal with panic and anxiety. Although a few people know about my gad they don’t understand and it makes me frustrated when somebody says “I understand what you’re going through” When really, unless they have gad too then they can’t possibly understand.
    I feel so alone most days like I’m living in a bubble and just want to talk to somebody that truly understands, To have somebody to ask if what I’m experiencing is normal, for instance if my partner is running late home from work I get so worked up and I’m sure something bad has happened to him when really he is stuck in traffic or held up at work, I find it really tiring sat around waiting for something bad to happen. I hate being at home alone but my Fiancé is a chef and works split shifts, so I am alone most of the day and night. I don’t drive so feel trapped in this world of my own luckily I have my daughter to keep me busy, But even when I’m not worrying about things they are always there in the back of mind.

  126. Melissa 25 February 2012 Reply

    Suzanna, I have had a similar problem. I’m 23, 24 next month. A year ago my left side body went numb including my face, so my partner took me to the A&E as he thought it was a stroke but turns out they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I was also suffering with pains in my hands, (which i still get) but that’s cos I have a condition called Raynaud’s.

    I get feelings of tightness in my head, nausea, sharp pains in my chest and stomach. I constantly worry that somethings wrong with me.. I worry every second of the day as I’m a very shy person and feel boring when I’m socialising. I’m unemployed and have been for a while. Recently I have started making new friends but finding it hard to keep up with them and join in. I can talk one to one but not in a group (got couple friends) I’m starting to feel very annoyed with myself as I keep worrying about every stupid little thing and feel like giving up with my life. But when ever I feel like I’m going to give in I always think of what it’ll do to my partner. I need help but I don’t want to go to the doctors. I feel to shy to share my problem with them as I know most of them don’t really care and just sit there looking at their computer and offer anti depressants which didn’t help me at all when I took them before.

  127. Jemma 11 March 2012 Reply

    Hi everyone,

    Reading everyones comments I have found myself saying ‘yes thats me’ and it has given me alot of relief so thank you 🙂

    I am 19 nearly 20 and I have just recently realised the seriousness of my constant worrying and always feeling down that I was on a series of night shifts (which I have always dreaded and now I realise it is because I am worse when I am on nights) that I faked I was feeling ill so I went home and did not return to work to finish my last 2 shifts and once I returned to work and filled out my return to work form with my manager everything came out, this was at the begining of this week and I feel I have had everything that life can throw at me this week. I have consulted a counselling service that I am recieving via the phone until I can be seen (4 week waiting list), my management and family know and I am booked to see the doctor tomorrow.. yesterday I went to work and I couldnt pull myself together enough so I was sent home I am now panicking that when I return tomorrow I am going to be in serious trouble and possibly sacked therefore I have been applying for jobs today. My boyfriend went away to uni last september and after living with him prior to him going my anxiety has been at its worse, I look forward to seeing him but I know once I have to go I go downhill from there and everyday is a struggle to be positive and to stop my mind going into overdrive thinking he is going to die. I struggle everyday going to work, I see others who have a drive to come to work but I would rather be anywhere (and its not just the monday blues) but there however I know I wouldnt want to be alone cos all I do is think negative. I am currently looking for somewhere else where I can just have a less-stressful job i.e mon-fri 9-5 as I currently do a range of shifts as I work on a busy ward, I am going to the doctors tomorrow so hopefully that will be another thing to look forward too but now im panicking because I know if I dont get this job im just going to make myself worse again!

    Sorry about the life story and I just want to share it with everyone and get some much needed HELP!! xx

    • Volunteer 13 March 2012 Reply

      Hi Jemma

      I think you are already doing great in beating anxiety. Managing anxiety is a hard work and it is important that you do little baby steps first, so you can accumulate your confidence instead of rushing to achieve the big goal. If you want some suggestions on managing stress, I would like to suggest the “Overcoming Stress”, a CBT based self help guide that helps you to recognise what happens when under stress and how to change the way you think, feel and act so that you learn to retain a balanced outlook on life and manage it more effectively too. You can click on this link for more details: Alternatively, you can ring us on 08444 775 774 and talk to one of our volunteers for more advice and information.

      Best wishes

  128. monzo24 12 March 2012 Reply

    I’m 22 and female.
    I have struggled with bad anxiety for the past 3 months, i’ve always been a natural worrier but nothing like now. I can’t switch off ever. It feels like a run away train that i have no way of controlling.
    I seem to be worrying about the past more and more, replaying old mistakes and problems over in my head, tormenting myself.
    I don’t know what to do, i keep going back to my GP and because i am ‘functioning’ and still manage to go to work every day,i have been told to phone the samaritans when it gets bad and perscribed a book to understand my condition.
    I worry that i’m going to come to a point where i just can’t take any more, and no one will help until then.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience with GPs?

    • Volunteer 13 March 2012 Reply

      Hi monzo24

      I am sorry that you are experiencing a difficult time. If you thought that your anxiety is preventing you from enjoying everyday life, then perhaps you could look into therapy to help manage your problems. Have you tried any talking therapy before? Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy are particularly effective in treating anxieties. I would suggest you to give us a call on 08444 775 774 and speak to one of us for more advice and information.

      Best wishes

  129. Anon 19 March 2012 Reply

    Hi all,

    I have been reading all your comments and its nice to know Im not alone. I feel so out of control at the moment and dont know where to turn. I am too ashamed to call the helpline for fear of stigma from my family. My father believes I have messed up my life and now its over at 27. My partner doesnt want me to see a therapist because they dont work. I feel trapped.

    Long story short for the past year I have been struggling with anxiety due to leaving my postgraduate studies. I was bullied severley for about 9 months by someone new in the dept. and now this is beginging to affect not only my working life but my personal life. My symptoms include: numbness in my left arm, pains in my chest, heartburn, headaches, and nausea. I was a keen horserider before the incident for 15 years but now even getting on in the school terrifies me as i dont feel in control. I also suffer from depression and a stomach ulcer. I have a job but I feel so useless as its not the career that i picked and the money is poor. I will never get another postgraduate position as i feel i will not be able to explain why I left because it was my fault.

    I dont feel i can talk to my family for fear of being labelled a drama queen as this kind of thing only happens to other people. however my father suffers from anxiety also and has been on diasapam for about 30 years.

    Sorry for the rant!! makes me feel better to have said it out loud!!

    • Volunteer 20 March 2012 Reply


      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a difficult time. If you feel that your anxiety is preventing you from enjoying everyday life, then perhaps you could look into therapy to help manage and treat your symptoms. Talking therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming are the four effective therapies for anxiety and we can provide our members these therapies at a reduced cost. Your current situation is actually quite common among people with anxiety and it is manageable if you have the right care and treatment. Alternatively, if you would like to empower yourself and deal with your issues on your own, we have an excellent book series on overcoming anxiety that can help. Please check this link and see if there is anything you are interested: You are also welcome to ring us on 08444 775 774 if you want to ask for more advice or information.

      Best wishes

  130. Jaya 20 March 2012 Reply

    HI all,
    It is comforting to read all these comments as you do feel less alone in what can be a very lonely state. Personally, I seem to go through a cycle where I become more anxious. Does anyone else find this also? If I make a mistake during these ‘lower’ times, I keep playing it over and over and make it into this massive issue in my head and can’t eat or sleep. I can’t think of anything else all the time. I feel physically ill, with chills and don’t feel like I am in my right mind. I have always been a worrier but I seem to have got more and more anxious as I have got older. Once I have started to calm down about one worry, my brain seeks out another thing to wind itself up about. It can be something else or an old mistake. It’s like I am bullying myself and It’s a horrible cycle.
    I feel like that something has ‘snapped’ in my head and it is now a weak spot. I lose all confidence in my abilities and hate myself during these times. When I feel ‘well’ again, I can see how silly I am being, but I can’t stop when I a not well. I can feel unwell for months at a time. It is exhausting. After reading the comments on here I will purchase the literature to help myself. I tried Hypnotherapy but it seemed to be a sticking plaster rather than a permanent help.

    • Volunteer 21 March 2012 Reply

      Hi Jaya

      Perhaps you can try to write down some of these worries on a piece of paper and get them out of your mind. Putting them into words is much harder than just simply going through them in your mind. Anxiety is often the result of unhelpful thinking and negative thoughts. Focusing on these thoughts and recalling the worries in your mind over and over again won’t resolve the problems but will reinforce the anxiety and the “lower” time. To manage the anxiety, you need to motivate yourself to think more positively and act more pro-actively. Distracting yourself from these worries will ease the anxiety and execrise is a very good way to distract yourself. Have you tried cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) before? I would recommend the “Overcoming Worry by Mark Freeston and Kevin Meares” which can be found in our Shop. This CBT self-book is full of excellent explanation and effective techniques that you can use to manage the anxiety and worry si definitely worth a read.

      Best wishes

  131. Jaya 20 March 2012 Reply

    Also just wanted to say, I hope to feel peaceful and calm. That would be lovely. I hope others find it too.

  132. Jen 30 April 2012 Reply

    I have a doctors appointment for my anxiety today, they never offered me help in the past. I’ll see how it goes this time. Self-help is not working for me at all.

    • Sean 20 June 2012 Reply

      Sometimes self help doesn’t work
      I’ve had this for 27 years now and people need to be aware and professionals need to understand sometimes it needs to be treated as a serious condition.
      I self medicate to control it, but most docs/therapists don’t understand the depth it affects you too.
      Keep pressing untill you find something that works for you.

      I wish you well

  133. Ellie 2 May 2012 Reply

    I’m 19 and for the past six months I’ve started to really hate myself. I hated the way I looked the way I treated my boyfriend and friends I get really upset over little things. It’s made me feel really selfish and self obsessed. I’m convinced I’m going know where in life and my life is just gonna be all about me feeling down. I convinced myself I shouldn’t be with my boyfriend. I quit my job. Im now living off savings that I was going to go travelling with. I resent myself that I’ve stopped myself from going travelling I’m worried I’m going to push my boyfriend away and I fret over the relationship not working. It’s my head and anxiety that’s ruining the relationship. It feels like a massive circle. I move from one problem to the next. I refuse to take any medication the doctor gives me because I’m obsessed with the side affects. I had a job interview and phoned to cancel it on the phone I had a panic attck. And just hung up. I have no self confidence and beat myself up about eating to much. I feel awkward in my own skin and even tho I’m 5ft10 and weigh 8.5 stone I know I’m underweight but i don’t think I am it’s weird. It’s irrational. My head is so fuzzy I can’t remember what I did two days ago. I dread the summer coming like I’m waiting for something bad to happen. Councillor on Friday. Begging it helps me, if not then god knows

    • Volunteer 4 May 2012 Reply

      Hi Ellie

      If you feel that your anxiety is preventing you from enjoying your daily life, perhaps you can consider accessing therapy? Therapy like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming are very effective in helping people to overcome their anxiety. I would recommend you to access one of these because beating anxiety can be a difficult process, and these therapies can provide you with the right guidance and support. From them you can learn techniques and methods to distract yourself and feel relax, and re-build a positive perspective about life and be empowered to cope with stress. In addition, I recommed you to read self help books because they are very powerful tool to support people in overcoming anxiety. You might be interested in the book called “Overcoming Worry” and “Overcoming Anxiety”. Please feel free to contact us on 08444 775 774 if you like to sign up with our therapy membership or order a copy of the self help book.

      Best wishes

  134. Michael Dunlop 7 May 2012 Reply

    i have had phyciatric problems for over 4 years now. The last few months i decided via my phyciatrist to reduce my medication and come off the meds. I successfully came off olanzapene over a period of two months and then went about seeing my doctor to ween off mirtazapene. i am on a 45mg dose and went to see my gp to reduce this to 30mg. My doctor blew up when i saw her and asked me to show her a letter that my phyciatrist had given permission for me to come off the meds. She really went on and totally stressed me out. eventually she went to speak to another doctor about my case in the next room. By the way she threatend to take my income away from me (a taxi driver) and stop my licence. anyway when she came back from the other room she said we can go along with what you want for now but if there were any problems to come back. Now i’m scarred that if i have another phycotic episode they will take my licence away from me. Since last monday i was so stressed by my doctors negative approach that i have become very stressed. my stomach is churning all the time and i find it very difficult to sleep. I have either been getting drunk or taking 15mg of zopoclone as it is impossible to sleep otherwise.. i am hoping to calm down but so far it has been just plain bad and very uncomfortable to live with. interestingly enough when i wake up in the mornings i seem to be very calm and settled. I don’t know what happens but after between half an hour and a hour and a half my anxiety kicks in, and like i said my stomach churns endlessly. There is very little going on in my mind and i am not concuosly worrying. Nor am i having any phyciatric problems like hallucinations and voices etc. i have just ordered some olanzapene online as i don’t want to go and see my doctor and have it put on record. i’m going to take the olanzapene again as a precaution, and hopefully i will be able to get my sleep and anxiety under control again.

  135. chris skinner 12 May 2012 Reply

    ive just been diagnosed wiv GAD about 12 months ago now on top of my tourettes syndrome and my anxiety is the bigger problem, i am a constant worrier and not soon after one worry leaves my mind it replaced wiv a new one, it could be stupid things i worry about, sometimes i sit back and think im actually going mad, i acuse my partner of all sorts how shes still wiv me id never know, im loosing friends because im always in an unsocialable mood, and people have noticed im not myself full stop, im a landscape gardener who has had to pack my job in due to this problem, when im worrying to the extreme i go in a sketchy frame of mind, feel light headed and can physically hear my heart beat like listening to the tv, and when im like this im unsafe to travel home let alone operating a wacker plate or post bore, i even walk into roads wiv out looking wen im like this, it is the most horrible experience ive ever had, and i dont wish it on anyone, ive had CBT and intence therapy aswell as seeing my phychiatrist on a regular basis, but can not over come the anxiety/thoughts doing this i may have a few good days in between which are total bliss but for the rest of the time im on total edge wiv my self, ive even changed my route of travel to avoid confrontation wiv friends in the street, this is good friend that ive grew up wiv, and thats just not me, im not happy wiv the person ive become, any words of wisdom or even just general chat welcome to help me on my way and maybe i could help others in return.

  136. Jayson 17 May 2012 Reply

    Hello guys n girls, just thought I would pop on here now i’m coping better to the point of controlling and also ignoring the things that started my anxiety/panic attacks, in the past I have suffered from these since childhood but always pulled through, the older I get the worse they seem but knowing myself more, it seems that the older you get the more you can analyse or over analyse these things, the only suggestion I can give or for what works for me is PMA; Positive Mental Attitude along with the correct medication and CBT; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, thinking the worst in these situations is what makes us like this in the first place and as hard as it may seem we have to understand and not analyse what the cause is, understand and not analyse what the triggers are, we need to keep and open mind and look to the future in a positive way rather than think the future is a bleak one, we can get all the help in the world from medication to counselling but if your not willing to say Sod it i’m not staying like this, I need change and a good change nothing will work, it’s up to you as the individual to make these steps as avoidance is the worst thing you can do, make that first step and say its time for change. Good luck and god bless, you are not alone x

  137. Sarah 9 June 2012 Reply

    I’m not sure how long i have suffered from GAD exactly, but I first became ill with depression/anxiety when I was 12 so I have been feeling unwell for nearly 15 years. Overall, the message I would like people to read here is that it does get better even if it is very slow progress. The worst thing for me about GAD is that I feel ill everyday, not necessarily mentally (i.e. worries) but physically. I wake up feeling like I am coming down with flu, it gets worse around lunch time and I worry I will faint, then I feel exhausted by around 7pm and cant really have much of a social life.

    My anxiety problems have gone in stages. I started off with anorexia when I was 13 with bouts of quite severe depression, then had full-blown GAD by the time I was 18 with social phobia. I burned out and became agoraphobic for a while, got over that, and felt sort of ok for a year with just a low level anxiety always present. Then, after uni, I fell quite hard again and suffered with terrible exhaustion and insomnia that I just couldn’t seem to control. This lost me a few jobs. By the time I was 23 I was able to at least stay in a job, with help and understanding from my employer when I was struggling to get through the day, and I think I’ve stayed around that level now for a while.

    I think I make myself worse because I feel so angry about being ill. I have worked very hard to beat the anxiety, and I am proud to have beaten eating disorders, social phobia and agoraphobia, but GAD – being so inspecific – is particularly hard to overcome for me. I worked very hard in school and at uni, I have worked very hard on my career, but anxiety persistently slips the rug from under me and I spend so many of my days lying down feeling fluey and nauseous and focusing all my remaining energy on doing the things that I absolutely have to (work, cleaning) and not having any left to have fun or socialise.

    But what I like to remind myself and others with lifelong or prolonged anxiety/depression is that there is no reason this should be our lives. We are stronger than anxiety; I am stronger than anxiety. I believe it is possible to get to a point where you can live a normal, balanced life with both work and socialising and my biggest hope is that I will get to a point where I dont feel ill everyday, because I really just want one day when I can act my age and have fun.

    To employers, if you’re reading. Please be aware that in my case, and I assume in the cases of many others, being off sick with anxiety is not like being off sick with a bit of stress. It’s not the thoughts and emotions that are bothering me, it’s the aching in my body, the dry heaves, the difficulty keeping track of conversation and instructions, the exhaustion and the persistent feeling I’m going to faint. It feels like a physical illness even if we all know it’s not and it’s not something we can just snap out of, as much as we want to. I’ve learned over the years that you just have to give it a bit of time and try not to get too frustrated or angry about the days you’re missing, because really you’re just prolonging the amount of time you will stay this way.

  138. Brenda Bradley 13 June 2012 Reply

    Thank you Sarah for sharing that. I have GAD and have had time of work in different jobs because i felt ill. I get anxious about the silliest of things, ie I couldnt lock the safe door the other day and I got so wound up. Other things are like asking someone a question, passing people in the canteen, making a drink for everyone…… and on it goes. I had left several jobs over the years cos Ive been ill and then eventually had a breakdown or had stress. But I never realised that the flu like symptoms were down to anxiety. I wish my GP or somebody had told me that years ago

  139. Sean 20 June 2012 Reply

    I’m so glad I read your post.
    I am struggling at times to cope and I am having to work also.
    I have the constant feeling I am going to die and have many of the symptoms you describe. Some due to inflammatory arthritis, and My wife being diagnosed with bone cancer has excaberated the condition.

    I have a counsellor but I do not think she understands the severity. At the moment I get by taking diazepam or having a drink as a crutch.
    I think I need to speak to a specialist who understands.

    I hope you get to cope better and thanks again for making Me feel I’m not the only one.

  140. lisa 29 June 2012 Reply

    hello, i have tried to comment before, but my computer went offline. Anyway… I am 21 and my anxiety is almost unareable, it effects my everyday life… And i used to be happy but now i am just sooo worried about everything and anything that i just can’t have a enjoying time.
    I work part time in a shop and doing the till is awful for me, i get sooo embarrassed if something goes wrong, i start to panic and i even had to run away from the till once, and the feeling of stupidness after that was soo bad. I almost lost my job, untill i hada say about my anxiety problem, every1 was soo understanding. This was getting me soo upset and even the simple task of doing the shopping, i could’nt do, i felt like every1 was looking at me and i felt like a freak really. My boyfriend then said that i really need to get help with this, and i knew myself i needed to. So i went to the doctors and got put on fluoxetine 20mg, i have been on them 2months. I have been feeling better, but just this last week my anxiety is back and i just dont know what to do, i am just sooo scared and i want to just have a nice happy normal life…. 🙁

  141. jan 13 July 2012 Reply

    Hi I know how you are feeling, I have been off work 9months due to illness, anxiety and depression.Coping well I am on Prozac which has helped me, but my illness is making the anxiety come back.
    I suffer from dizzyness, fatigue and weakness. Tests taken 4weeks ago, however the results not know yet, so I am worring every day.


  142. lee 17 July 2012 Reply

    HI, i have been suffering form GAD for the last 20 years, At first i was on medication which did nothing for me so after a few years i decided to come off and deal with it on my own, I was 19 when i first started suffering. worst year of my life, i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. now at 39 my wife has just left me, in her words { you need to sort yourself out) apparantly i was bringing her down too, not on purpose in my defence. I work full time long hours but it keeps me focused, Only now am i seeking help again after 15 years of dealing with things on my own, I remember saying to doctor please just give me one day of feeling normal again and im sure i could keep it going. lol,, if only.I lokk forward now to maybe meeting some people who have suffered like i have and maybe able to offer ideas and support. im not nearlly as bad nowadays as iwas 20 years ago so something must be working.

  143. sharon 22 July 2012 Reply

    one day i was ok then it hit me they said it was the menopause ihad panic attacks insomia one day i think im having a heart attack then i went to a eye hospital because i thought i had a brain tumor but there was nothing i started feeling better last week but the last few days my eyes have been all over the place i keep thinking i cant see propaly but i know i can but my brain telling me i cant but one good thing my sleeping has come back i have two young children so i have to keep going

    • lee 23 July 2012 Reply

      Hi sharon sorry to hear how you are feeling, just remember to take each day as it comes and only deal with one issue at a time, its good to talk to someone, best thing i found was to keep a diary every day so when i had a bad day i could look back and realise that was all it was{ a bad day} the good days will follow more and more, It does get better honest xxx

  144. Another Lee 25 July 2012 Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve just had a read through some of the comments on here and I keep thinking ‘That’s just like me’.

    My heart goes out to all of you struggling with what still appears to be woefully misunderstood condition. My anxiety problems really started to affect my life over twenty years ago. I had to give up well-paid and secure work because I couldn’t cope with this all-encompassing worry. There followed the familiar tale of failed relationships, erratic employment and insecure housing. One of the worst aspects to our condition is, I feel, the lost opportunities – life has seemed to pass me by at times.

    Last year I was finally diagnosed with GAD and was referred for CBT. In the past GPs have just assumed that I was depressed but, in reality, it’s the GAD struggle that leads to bouts of depression for me. In my experience medication has just made me feel lousy and numbs the condition rather than actually doing anything about it. However, I appreciate that pills do work for some people.

    My main reason for posting is to ask if anyone else feels like it’s some kind of shameful secret? I saw a programme the other night featuring Ruby Wax and her campaign to make mental illness (in her case depression) less of a taboo subject. Apparently somewhere under 5% of the population have GAD, but I figure that the real figure is much higher – after all we don’t shout about it do we?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know I would feel a lot better if there was some way to feel a bit less isolated with this condition, if I felt a bit less terrified of people finding out. How does everyone else feel?

    Finally, to anyone out there who’s struggling, remember you are not alone. There are loads of us out here. Today may seem really hard but tomorrow really is another day and I have faith that things can change if we stick at it.

  145. joel 28 July 2012 Reply

    hi u ok i have just found out i have got GAD i am 26 years old and i have probly had it 4 a few year now and i didnt even no! i am not myself anymore i go to sleep worrying and i wake up worrying. i no wat ur saying lee about every1 thinks ur bringing them down thats probly y i dnt realy see any1 anymore and am on my own most nites. my gf is 8 months preganat ready to drop and she doesnt realy want anythink to do with me anymore coz of the way i am with GAD. not sure wat to do about it coz things just seen to be getting worse any1 no any good ways to help deal with it??

  146. Cc 9 August 2012 Reply

    Hiya, I had a similar experience with my gp. I went to the gp regularly for 8 years with no diagnosis – my complaints were always the same, vertigo and dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, confusion, feeling faint, disorientated, detached and not able to ,slow down’ and generally feeling Ill. This is every day. I was always told I’m normal and nothings wrong and maybe I need to eat more and prescribed vitamin d drinks. I finally got sent to consultants and ended up being diagnosed with GAD. I don’t worry about anything in particular. I worry about everything without realising so my flight and flight responses are always on. I was waiting on the NHs for cbt and started chasing after 5 months of waiting and found out she had made an error and had referred me to a counsellor. I then started calling my gp every day to get her to referr me to cbt and she wouldn’t call me back. After 2 weeks she called me back and had a go at me saying I’m a horrible person and that people with anxiety don’t act like this. She then told me to find another gp. A charity is now looking after me and I’m on pregabenalin 150mg a day and all my symptoms have gone but now I can unwantingly now focus on putting myself down and what the real problems are with is excruciating for me. It’s hard to get out of bed and no one understands me. I hate myself and feel depressed. Everything is a challenge. But the charity are going to ge me the cbt I need. U need a good charity who understands and whom you can rely on. Take care and be optimistic. Your healthy and normal and this is curable if we all stick together and get people tobe more aware and understand it better.

  147. sharon 10 August 2012 Reply

    hi glad your feeling better i went to get my eyes tested today and he said they were fine i new it was in my head but i still had to make sure im going on holiday on monday and am worried about it but ive got to be strong 4 my kids want to have a good time but you know how it is

  148. Helen 19 August 2012 Reply

    Hi ya I have been diagnosed with GAD for about the last four months from a wonderful GP who originates from Canada and I have probably had it for the last thirty something years and now they have also just diagnosed me with instability of the L4 and L5 in my spine so all the years I’ve been told you are fine there is nothing wrong with you, has made me feel like I have lost nearly all my life. And am I really really upset HELL YES I am but I finally have got through to a wonderful new GP and Physiotherapist, Supportive Husband and Children I’m finally getting the help and support I need. Also we are in the middle of getting my eldest daughter diagnosed with GAD, so hang in there if I can survive thirty plus years with it then you can do this guys just keep digging in and holding on 🙂 x

  149. sophie 24 September 2012 Reply

    I have been suffering from GAD for almost a year. this is something that never bothered me, until one night i took a panic attack (which i thought was a heart attack). im only 18, and since then it has ruined my life. i constantly worry about dying. and cancer is my biggest fear.its effecting my everyday life, i always feel tensed, and suffer from severe tension the time night time comes i am both physically and mentally exhausted. i just want to know if this will ever get easier? i dont understand how i have went from such an outgoing cheery individual to someone suffering from anxiety on such a high level ! x

    • Simon 29 September 2012 Reply

      Hi Sophie. As a fellow sufferer of anxiety, I sympathise completely with your message. I too am normally a “bubbly”, confident, outgoing person but when I have periods of anxiety I become an introverted, unconfident and insecure individual. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is common amongst the population. In the UK up to a million people at any one time are suffering from anxiety. GPs are aware of the problems and are there to help. When I first suffered from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) the first thing I did was to see my GP. Don’t be embarrassed or feel guilty about opnening up completely to your GP however foolish you might feel. It will help in the diagnosis and treatment. Your GP may want to prescribe some medication. This might be anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills (I was prescribed Buspirone, an anti-anxiety medication). The medication will help in the short term but for longer, more sustainable treatment I would consider therapy. Your doctor can advise you on this and give you information about waiting lists and treatment types. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will address the events in your life and the thought patterns which create the anxiety, and give you tools and strategies to help cope with the debilitating effects of GAD. Posting on this site is also a positive step. Take advantage of all the literature that is available on this site (especially as a lot of it is free) and remember Sophie that your condition IS treatable and curable. You are in my thoughts.

  150. Kelley 1 October 2012 Reply

    wow! After stumbling on this site, after a sever attack, I just began to sob! OMG, can THIS be what I am suffering from?! I cant begin to tell you how happy I am to know that there may be hope for me. This has been a long and extremely painful couple of years. I have felt like I have completely lost it. I feel like I haven’t slept for two years!! I have been prescribed ambien, taken melatonin, none which seemed to help. The thought of bedtime has set me into panic mode on a daily basis for I don’t know how long, I have thought that I was suffering from a brain tumor, cancer, heart disease, SoMETHING. Never did I think anxiety could cause whats been going on with me. Lets talk about the panic attacks.. So severe I was certain I was dying. I have prayed to God to please let me make it through the night, even written letters to my children thinking it was the end. Not being able to breath, I honestly thought I was having labor breathing and was about to die. Then panic from not being able to breathe sets in and I go into a full attack of hyperventilating! I knew I was having a heart attack. (you’d have to know me to understand why I don’t go to the hospital) It’s a compination of feeling stupid, crazy, the guilt of the cost and so on. I know, seems pretty dumb to lay and die rather than pay the co-pay, but thats how my mind works. FATIGUE…there were times I would have to sit during a shower just from washing my hair, or have to take deep breaths and stop during blow drying my hair, or feel like dying after walking up a flight of steps. I describe myself as feeling like a 90 year old obese person. But the funny thing is that it comes and goes. I colud be at work (im a server) and bust my ass and run like a mad person. this confused me, and I felt like a liar and was contradicting myself. Oh and work, this was not fun. Some days I would have to take a couple of shots, or smoke Marajuana just to get the nerve to go in. I will say that alacohol, some days, was the only way I could make it though. It seemed to be the only thing that would stop the CoNSTANT fear of EVERYTHING that goes through my mind. I’m pretty positive that its 10 times worse at night bc my mind isn’t busy with chores/worck ect…. that all i can do is lay there and think about how much pain I am in and how I can’t breathe. It’s exausting!!!! I AM EXAUSTED!!!! PAIN! It really hurts to go to bed at night. Not only do I have the breathing issues but my arms hurt so bad. It hurts to lay on them. I have to toss and turn every few min because they begin to burn and hurt after laying in the same posistion for a short period of time. Back pain. Constant! ( Not sure if this is related or actually injured.) Chest pain. Feeling like I need to throw up. (I recently bought a home pregnancy test for this reson) riding in a car is next to impossible. when something minor happens i feel like i have to do something drastic. an example of that would be, like if i messed up someones order at work, there were times i would pay for it out of my own pocket. Or if they were unhappy because I did something wrong, I felt like I had to quit. I forgot to mention the confusion, difficulty speaking, getting my thoughts out. I just feel completly dumb. I also can not seem to remember anything!! I am so angry all the time. I take it out on my family. I am completly miserable!!!!!! I have been to the doctor a few times the past few years, and have been prescribed anti depressants, but I have a huge fear of the side effects and would never take them. I was also convinced (at the time) that it was physical like it was my heart or brain and not depression.. But now after reading some of the things on this site I am I am confident that my problems are caused by GAD. I called for an appointment this morning, I am going this time with hope. Ill keep ya posted!!!!

  151. sharon 3 October 2012 Reply

    good 4 you i ve had most of your symptoms at the moment not sleeping is the 1 getting on my nerves at the moment i used to panic about it but now i try to deal with it by getting up and reading or going on computer and talking to people ive been to the hospital thinking i was having a heart attack and also i went because thought i had a brain tumor ive gradualy learnt to deal with it better its not gone but at least i know im not alone hope you feel better soon and dont forget theres always someone here to listen

  152. linda walker 11 October 2012 Reply

    Help, I waas suffering from anxiety back in 2008, my cause of anxiety was easily identified and I take 10mg of citalopram daily and it was the first time I felt ‘normal’ since I was 17 (i’m 40 now). However, my husband has dealt with stress most of his life and always dealt with it well. He knew he was a bit of a worrier and it follows in the footsteps of his mother who is the same. However, as he has got older it is becoming more difficult to cope with. he has never really slept more than 4 or 5 hours in the 18 years i’ve known him. After monitoring things and multiple visits to the doctor we (not the doctor) have worked out his anxiety and stress causes him to urinate frequently, the frequent urination then triggers symptoms of an irritated bladder and the cycle begins. He has had months and months of antibiotics, antispasmodics, pain relief and about 6 or 7 doctors visits. In his latest doctors visit he put it quite blunt about how he is anxious and the process of events which was not easy for a man to do and what did the doctor tell him ‘stop getting anxious’ and then gave him some more anti spasmodic tablets for the next three months. When he discusses his symptoms with me about how he feels and I totally understand as it is how I was feeling prior to 2008, what do you do when a person who reluctantly makes doctors appointments and follows through, follows all the elimination process the doctor wants to go through and finally opens up still to get nowhere. Where does he go from here?

    Advice very much appreciated.

  153. Mikey 18 October 2012 Reply

    Please let me know what you find as im having similar issues.

  154. Sukanya 20 October 2012 Reply

    I don’t have anxiety in general but I have major anxiety when I’m getting my hair blow-dried at the salon. I feel breathless which leads to fear that I’m not able to breath. I squirm in the chair and grab the arms very tightly. I try breathing through my mouth but I get super-scared that I can’t breath. I literally gasp for air.To deal with this I have started telling hairdressers not to blow dry my hair at all. Could this be some kind of phobia?

  155. claire 23 October 2012 Reply

    I suffer from emetophobia which is a fear of vomiting or of others vomiting. Ive had it most of my life & Im middle aged now. It causes me so much anxiety on a daily basis. Its certainly not helped by the fact that I have several medical conditions with nausea being a major symptom of each. My drs dont take it seriously & so Im left to worry myself to the point of illness & every aspect of normal day to day life is severely comprimised. They will not under any circumstances prescribe anti-anxiety meds or tranquilisers so Im now buying them off others who are selling off their prescriptions for hard cash. What a way to live!

    • Volunteer 24 October 2012 Reply

      Hi Claire

      Anxiety is often the result of irrational core beliefs and negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are very powerful that they can actually trigger all sort of physical and psychological symptoms/discomforts, and can lead to behavioural change and unhealthy coping behaviour. Focusing on these thoughts, symptoms and using these unhealthy coping behaviour will only reinforce the experience and the anxiety itself, i.e. vicious cycle. If you could go to here and take a look at the three boxes (Fears, Physical feelings and Negative thoughts) in the middle, and perhaps you can understand the vicious cycles for your anxiety by filling in these boxes for yourself.

      Have you tried cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or clinical hypnotherapy? These are very effective in treating anxiety.

      Best regards

  156. Mikey 23 October 2012 Reply

    Sounds to me like you need to be referred to a specialist. I have just had a week from hell. Had to go abroad for work. On the flight I got a panic attack, nearly fainted. Heart racing. Thought I was dying it was terrible. Anyway, arrived at destination (still alive) and for the next ten days I had major racing heart, high blood pressure 165/94. Job losing stuff.

    Anyway, after a week of worrying myself to death and having constant night terrors, waking up heart racing etc, ive now analysed stuff going on in my life.
    Ive started doing yoga every day or a half hour jogging session in treadmill and some light weights. I bought a bp monitor for my room, now back down to 123/81 and using breathing techniques downloaded apps onto my ipad. Also, at night, i put my headphones in, and have gentle relaxing background sounds on for a while. Can recommend Naturespace, the night Lakeside sounds is great.

    If i start to panic now, i start breathing deeply, ask my self the reason for the panic, know im not dying just yet, and try to enter a calm place in my mind. Sat crossed legged on my bed, listening to Loons in the background beside a lake and breathing deeply. Its working so far though so im not complaining, and I feel like a happier person inside too.
    My girlfriend has just asked if im on drugs as im not the anxious individual i was.

    Try to stay of meds if you can help it. Find a relaxing place to be, quiet, breathing deeply, and slowly, dont look up problems on the internet as you’ll have every symptom I guarantee it.

    I can thoroughly recommend yoga for 45 mins a day too.

    Good luck all.

  157. Anne 25 October 2012 Reply

    Hi, I comment on here to seek some advice 🙂 i’m 16 and have suffered with quite severe anxiety for years now, i cant remember the last time i felt relaxed…i cant relax and i will tense my muscles most of the time…this causes stiffness in my neck and shoulders especially, i also feel on edge and i shake constantly without being able to control it. My anxiety occupies my thoughts 24/7 and wont always be linked to current events. It effects my daily social life (i am very negative about my self and my outlook on life and i also have a very low self esteem) It effects my school life very heavily, everyday in every class if i’m asked a question or asked to read aloud i will be petrified and my voice and hands will shake uncontrollably followed by a racing heartbeat and sometimes i will get headaches afterwards. I also get a dry mouth very easily and need to drink a lot during the day to quench my thirst. In class my mind will constantly be saying….don’t make me read or don’t ask me the question and my mind will tell me that everyone will laugh at my answer and deem me stupid as a result. All my thoughts have this nature….almost like its working against me. If a teacher disapproves of my answer or if a student laughs at me or if i think that they did that would be on my mind and because of my obsessiveness (i think i’m prone to OCD) it will be on my mind for a while. I get irritated over small things and will break into tears over small things because it would have been on my mind constantly and i bottle up my feelings and don’t reveal my emotions to others (unless it has a positive impact on them) in case i hurt them and if i am in trouble i will try not involve my friends because i don’t want to concern them. Certain events replay in my mind almost haunting me, they aren’t really traumatic but it could be something that scared me and that feeling then comes back and i am overwhelmed with it. For example about 5 or 6 years ago i saw a clip of a girl staring into a mirror and she turned around and her face was still in the mirror and even though i knew and still know i shouldn’t be scared the idea of it overrides everything else and every time i go to a mirror that will come to mind and i will be anxious that something will be there that shouldn’t be and i cant stop it. And this happens in most situations like most times i watch t.v. my mind will be saying “somethings going to jump out the screen something going to jump out the screen somethings going to jump out the screen” or if i’m walking in the street everyone is a threat, a guy walking and my mind would say “he has a knife and u wont live to see tomorrow” These images and emotions make me easy to startle and i jump easily.
    I could sit there and my mind would tell me i saw something in the corner of my eye or i will start hearing things or seeing things. I sweat through my hands a lot and everywhere i go i have to look behind me because i get the constant feeling of something behind me…Its affecting my life a lot and my interaction with people is minimal (unless its my friends) meeting new people is hard for me to take and i feel very self conscious and shy all the time. It affects my scores in exams and since this is my GCSE year i would like guidance…i just want to feel happy and able to perform tasks without constant anxiety. I hate who i am and other peoples opinions do not matter to me i find it hard to sleep and always feel ill or have a lump in my throat…can u help me? If you would like any other information just ask 🙂 thanks xx

  158. Annon 25 October 2012 Reply

    I have been suffering with anxiety for 8 years. The extent of my anxiety has resulted in having to give up my carreer as a sales manager to become part time. I am so overly anxious all the time that it takes all of my energy and concentration to just keep breathing and focused on the task at hand. I have recently been diagnosed with GAD after a major panic attack that led to me been so out of control that I actually got arrested for breaching the peace. tHE POLICE OFFICER HAD NO UNDERSTANDING of what was happening to me nor any interest. One of my main fears is being trapped and even though my husband and parents told him this and asked him not to lock me in a cell he still did this causing further panic attacks. I would like to point out that I am a hard working respectable person that has NEVER so musch as had a speeding ticket prior to this event. This has obviously added to my anxiety and now I am determined to avoid any situations that may trigger an attack. This can result in minnor events such as getting someone else to do the school run right through to going on an aeroplane. I panic about EVERYTHING. My daughter has started to pick up on my anxiety and she has started asking questions when we go places such as what will happen is there is a fire how will we get out (this is one of my biggest fears). The pressure of trying to keep my children safe is such that I am even more worried now that my illness is effecting them. I am taking medication and have been on a waiting list to see a CBT specialist for nearly a year? What has to happen before I get some real help. I just want to feel normal not like some crazy person who cant cope.

  159. Claire 3 November 2012 Reply

    Hello all! Wow, I just can’t tell you how comforting it is to see other people going through the same feelings. I have been coping with anxiety now for three months, I start a course of anti depressants tomorrow which I hope will help 🙂 the funny part is about my anxiety is that prior to developing gad I was a very confident, outgoing and social person… So why am I anxious?! Does anyone else get very negative thoughts? Sometimes I do feel like suicide would be the only option because I can’t seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Terrible thought process isn’t it? This is something I would never do though! I just can’t believe my life has become this 🙁 obviously I’m not alone though!

  160. KAW 24 November 2012 Reply

    I had my first panic attack when I was about 20. I’m now 24. I heard the word dying – I sat there and actually thought about death and realised that one day I actually would die. Maybe not now but one day my time will come. I was soo scared I had a panic attack. I felt like I had to run. I was pacing the house but the thought and feeling kept following me. I cried and collapsed and was sick. It knocks you for six and for days later couldnt leave the bed. Then the feeling kept coming and going for weeks. I had another lil panic attack but nothing major like the first one. I went to see a councillor but it didn’t really help me. It’s just the thought of dying that I’m scared of. Now everyday I worry. I hate heights and dream that I’m falling off high buildings. I wake up crying. I think I’m going to drown. I think I’m going to get eating by sharks. And also my plane will crash in the ocean. Now u just get very anxious when these things pop into my head…!! I don’t think it will ever go away.

    • RL 25 January 2013 Reply

      I had the same thing as you. I was about 20 at the time and I still get panic attacks about this, i’m 27 now. I am coping with things better now that I talk about things and i’m on medication too. I am also a Student Mental Health Nurse in my last year and will qualify soon and hopefully be able to help those with the same problem we have.

  161. Yasmin 6 December 2012 Reply

    Hi Claire,

    I also suffer from vomit phobia, and so does my older sister. I have suffered for as long as I can remember, but there are things that can help!

    Cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy (providing you find a good person, I can recommend some!) are both excellent. My sister had CBT, and I had hypnotherapy and both of us are much better and now live a decent life. There are times where I might have an ‘anxious’ day…but I no longer need to carry around meds, be veggie, and have gum on me (all classic Emetophobic tendencies!)

    I urge you to get some help with it, my sister waited till she was in her thirties; luckily I managed to get the help before then. I completely understand how it can rule your life and feel like you are constantly on edge and worrying. It is completely exhausting. Plus, people NEVER understand, and often laugh as if it’s nothing.

    I’m also trained in CBT, and am a firm believer in its efficacy. I have tried medication like many others, but it will not fix the root of the problem! Only mask it!

    You can self refer to IAPT services for CBT or if you can afford it, go privately for hypnotherapy or CBT. Engage with it and have some trust, and you will have a new lease of life.

    Hope this helps.

    Vomit phobia survivor.

  162. Becky 12 December 2012 Reply


    Claire in particular and others it was really great to read your comments because that’s exactly how I feel. I have always worried and it’s got so deeply ingrained over the last few years. So often my mind races and i always have a sense of foreboding. I’m started seeking help a few months ago but I haven’t found the right sort of tablets yet just as a brief form of relief. I’ve had counselling, I’m starting cbt and i try and do meditation. There are definitely time when out gets so bad I contemplate ending it all. I worry about anything and everything there doesn’t seem to be a trigger. Just when I get over one situation another crops up. It’s an endless cycle. I hope one day I’ll overcome it but it’s a constant, exhausting battle sometimes the anxiety goes away for a few hours or even a day and it’s bliss but it always comes back.

  163. glenn 29 December 2012 Reply

    hello, i live in cumbria and am interested in how the psychological therapys work. i tried cbt but never know which good thought to use when faced with anxiety.
    does anyone know any ways especially in cumbria of getting the best therapy faster and sooner as im waithing for a psychologist but really would like ideas on what therapys there is because there is that many.
    thanks glenn

  164. Angela 29 December 2012 Reply

    Hi there

    I was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction as i need more information on GAD particuarly from the perspective on how to support your partner who suffers from GAD.

    I have been in a relationship with a guy for a few yrs who suffers from GAD. Although i have done my homework i still need more advice/info on how i can best support him, i.e. read the signs better for when he is having a bad day or just a normal day for him…etc.

    I love him very much and would like to be able to support him better so please if there is anyone who knows of any books or can give me some advice i would be very grateful.


  165. dan chandler 16 February 2013 Reply

    glen i am also a suffer from gad and a panic disorder i also live in cumbria have you got any advice as i cant cope anymore and 16 years old my heart is constantly racing a thumping and i wont leave my mums side :`(

    • Volunteer 20 February 2013 Reply

      Hi Dan

      Sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time. We can offer cognitive behavioural therapy to you over the phone or webcam and perhaps this is something you can consider.

      Anxiety including phobia is often the result of irrational core beliefs and assumption and negative automatic thoughts. These negative thoughts and assumptions are very powerful that they can actually trigger all sort of physical and psychological symptoms/discomforts. Unhealthy coping behaviour such as avoidance and reassurance seeking behaviour will only reinforce these negative thoughts and symptoms, and the anxiety itself, i.e. vicious cycle. Please take a look at this page – – and take a look at the three boxes (Fears, Physical feelings and Negative thoughts) in the middle, and perhaps you can fill in these boxes to understand the vicious cycles for your anxiety. You need to encourage yourself to break this cycle. You need to challenge your thoughts and assumptions, and be more positive and productive. It will take time and lots of effort to learn how to do this and manage the anxiety levels but you can do it !

      Best wishes

  166. glenn 18 February 2013 Reply

    hello dan,
    my advice would be to see your gp
    it will lead to the right support for you.


  167. Gem 19 February 2013 Reply


    Its amazing that you want to stand by you partner and support him through his Anxiety. GAD is a really misunderstood condition and getting the right help in the UK is almost impossible. My husband has been a great support to me over the last 7 years with my anxiety particularly in the last 12 months when things at one point became pretty unbearable. My advice to any one suffering from GAD is you must have someone to talk to. You must get the thoughts out in the open so that someone who is supportive can discuss them with you. Usually these thoughts are irrational and we dont always realize that until we have said it out loud.
    I am doing really well at the moment. I have learned to go to the right people for validation the people who love me and will not tell me i am crazy. It is important to talk through your fears and have someone beside you to help you over come the. I am no longer taking medication but still ring my partner numerous times because I have that feeling that makes me terrified and he has learned how to talk me down. I have also learnt that there is nothing to be ashamed of!

    Good luck! x

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