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Despite affecting around a fifth of the UK population daily, many people living with anxiety are simply told to “snap out of it”. Anyone who has lived with anxiety will know that it’s much more difficult than that.

In an Anxiety UK survey, 55% of respondents revealed that they didn’t feel comfortable about telling others about their anxiety. However, hiding it can lead to increased isolation, resulting in prolonged anxiety and delayed help.

Anxiety UK is the nation’s leading charity specialising in anxiety conditions and has helped over a million people since 1970. It’s estimated that we help someone who’s at their wits’ end every 14 minutes.

  • By raising funds
  • By making a donation
  • Volunteering on our helpline
  • Raising awareness of anxiety
  • Involving your company
  • Becoming an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

To find out more details of how to get involved with Anxiety UK, enabling us to support thousands of people living with anxiety every year, please click on the drop-down links from this section.


Anxiety UK is seeing a growing demand for our services year on year. In these anxious times for society it is more important then ever that individuals are able to access help and support when they need it. Every penny counts: £10 could help us to keep our user-led telephone helpline open: £50 could ensure that three people receive access to low-cost therapy.



Anxiety UK actively approved the inclusion of volunteer in all aspects of its work and recognizes the vital role that volunteers contribute to the organisation.


Become an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

Are you a qualified therapist, in training, or working towards accreditation? If so, you’ll find that the Anxiety UK Approved Therapist scheme will open up new opportunities for you.

If you’re a trainee or newly qualified therapist, our scheme will enable you to move towards accreditation, gaining invaluable experience of anxiety conditions ranging from agoraphobia, social phobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) through to specific phobias such as needle phobia, spider phobia etc.

If you’re new to private practice, the Anxiety UK therapy placement enables you to gain the skills needed to become independent, whilst still under the umbrella of a national charity.

If you’re a qualified therapist, the scheme also gives you the opportunity to become an expert in a particular field – for instance, the provision of therapy for clients from a specific BME community, from the LGBTQ community or from other specialist groups.

Anxiety UK holds the prestigious APPTS accreditation, a programme that works with psychological therapies services in the UK to ensure and improve their quality. APPTS is a joint venture between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and The British Psychological Society.

  • What is the anxiety UK Approved Therapist scheme?
  • How do I become an AUK Approved Therapist?
  • Registration with ‘governing bodies’
  • How does the referrals process work?
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Help others by providing advice and support to those in need.

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