Therapy locations

Please note that due to the current situation relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) we are not offering any face-to-face therapy. You can continue to access therapy delivered online or via the phone.

Please use the map below to find our current therapy locations. If you have any issues using the map, please call us on 03444 775 774 or email for advice. Counselling, compassion focused therapy, CBT and clinical hypnotherapy are also available via webcam. Only counselling, compassion focused therapy and CBT are available via phone.

Please remember that the capacity of our therapists can change on a daily basis, so it’s important to let us know your first, second and third preferences if you want a face-to-face appointment.

Details of where we can provide acupuncture can be found here.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Therapist is skilled in more than one type of therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy and other

Help others by providing advice and support to those in need.

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